Your Monday Morning Travel News, On-the-Go

AK Dad and Kid celebrate the opening of ZooLights at the Alaska Zoo!

A good Monday morning to all dedicated AKontheGO’ers, wherever you may be! I’m in a fine fettle this morning, as my Scottish father-in-law would say. AK Kid is back in school, the snow is piled up outside all fluffy and white, and there’s a ton of deals and opportunities right here next to me and the Christmas tree. Gotta love that.

First, though, a big AKontheGO thanks to Lia Keller, organizer of the rapidly-growing Skedaddle Kids play/outdoor group. I went on a hike through the Campbell Tract with Lia and pals from Taiga Trekkers a few weeks ago and enjoyed this busy mom who is completely dedicating herself to promoting outdoor time with the under-2 set; giving moms and dads across the city of Anchorage the confidence they need to venture outside with babies, especially in the winter. I thank her for her efforts, but also for featuring me in her blog post this morning! Stop by and peruse her great story.

On with the show, and this morning, it is indeed a big show! Remember cute Apolo Ohno, the skater from my home turf of Seattle who took the speedskating world by storm a few years back and then again in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver? Yep, the guy with the cute little soul patch; him. Well, Alaska Airlines loves hometown heroes, and has for the last few years offered specials called “Hot Deals on Ice”. Therrreeee Baaaaack, and in a tandem effort to support Ohno’s new book, “Zero Regrets”. I won’t regret the one-way offers to all sorts of places like Fairbanks for $75, and Portland or Seattle for $200. Yikes, I need to go somewhere! How about Honolulu for $200? A catch? Yes, but what the heck: All tickets must be purchased by 12/6/10, and travel must be completed by 3/10/11. You do  not need a round-trip purchase.

Listen to the weekly Alaska Travelgram Show tomorrow from 2-3 Alaska time on KUDO AM 1080, or stream us live HERE. We’ll be talking about these deals and more, since that’s what my co-host Scott McMurren loves to do and why we keep him around. HA. We’ll also have Eileen Floyd from the Alaska Zoo in the studio to talk about wintertime visits to the state’s only zoo AND the lovely new show, ZooLights, operating Thursday through Sunday evenings until December 31, then again February 18-March 5. AK Fam visited the displays last Saturday night, just as soft flakes of snow began falling on the quiet animal world, and let me tell you, it was delightful. Not flashy, not overdone, but, as Goldilocks says, “Just right”. Animals normally sleeping during the daylight hours were up and around, watching us walk by (and probably wondering what the heck we were doing there), and the snow muffled the normal activities of society, causing us to wonder if we shouldn’t whisper. So cool. $6 for general admission/ $5 for Zoo members.

AK Fam rounded out the weekend with a little sledding at Russian Jack Springs park yesterday, showing some friends new to Alaska how much fun a bunch of kids and parents romping together in the snow can be. We sled away from the crowded “formal” hill near the Chalet, opting instead to find our own little slope of paradise near the ski meadow and behind the little house, where, I will add, the Anchorage Model Railroad Club offers a monthly Open House on the 4th Sunday. From 11 a.m.-4 p.m. these fellows show off their HO Scale trains and wow the kids, a perfect way to warm up post-sledding.

I think that’s enough news for one Monday. Plus, my coffee cup is empty. We’ll catch you all on the airwaves tomorrow!


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