Your Alaska Packing List

Packing the kids for Alaska means shoving aside the fancy princess dresses or button down shirts and bringing out functional pieces of clothing that layer well for Alaska’s constantly changing weather. Here’s our suggested checklist for the average seven-day Alaska adventure:
  • Long underwear of polypropylene or wool, depending upon your child’s tolerance (1 set with long-sleeved top/pants)
  • Hiking/outdoor socks (3 pair)
  • Socks for day wear, casual hiking/walking (7 pair)
  • Underwear/diapers, etc. (if you are a cloth-diapering family, check out Happy Bottoms Diaper Service ( and their delivery options for visiting babies.)


  • Pants (REI conversion pants work great; legs zip off for shorts) (3 pair)
  • Shirts (long and short-sleeved for layering) (4)
  • Fleece top (1)


Dress for success… or at least pack for it.

Top Layer/Outerwear:

  • Raingear (consisting of pants and jacket, Gore Tex or other waterproof material)
  • Mittens/gloves (1 pair)
  • Hat with brim to shield from sun, plus a warm hat (1 each)


  • Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots
  • Sturdy sandals (we like Keen or Teva to keep toes protected)
  • Rubber boots


  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock (no, really)
  • Swimsuit
  • Plastic bags for wet/dirty shoes and clothes
  • Small, packable, quick-drying towels
  • Family first-aid kit for minor ailments and accidents

Provide each child with his or her own backpack, carrying…

  • Journal, pens, and pencils
  • Reading material (books are important while traveling!)
  • Water bottle 
  • Snacks 

Need car seats, cribs, camp chairs, or fishing waders? There are a few options for equipment rentals in Alaska.

  • Alaska Baby Rentals offers a wide range of baby and toddler-themed items. They also sell equipment. 
  • Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental has a warehouse of just about everything; from vehicles to tents and kayaks and sleep gear. 
  • BabyQuip is a new kid on the gear rental block, and offers a small inventory (for now) of cribs, carriers, car seats, and the like. 

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