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AK Fam has recently returned from the last of our travel extravangazas, we think. A short jaunt down to the magical Mt. Hood in Oregon provided a last gasp of summer coupled with autumn beauty, and recharged our souls for another few months.

While sipping red wine before a roaring fireplace at the family cabin in scenic Rhododendron (yes, there is a town named after a shrub, see how much you learn from reading this blog?) the following question was presented to Yours Truly: “Is travel within Alaska really a viable option with kids?”
Hmm, let me think about that for a second. Okay, we’ll say YES.

In the past year, our AK Kid at the tender age of four has strolled along a forested trail while stuffing blueberries in his cheeks, watched a humpback whale breach not 100 yards from the boat deck upon which he stood, and been lovingly slobbered upon by enthusiastic sled dogs anxious to meet this pint-sized member of the human pack. He got dirty, tired, and hungry, but loved every minute of our “adventures”.

As a mother, I can attest to the beauty of a high alpine meadow, lush with wildflowers against a backdrop of sparkling blue sky, but will say without reservation the most spectacular vision is that of my husband and son spead eagle on the sweet-smelling ground, heads thrown back as they ponder the clouds together. It moves me to use my own grownup hands to explore a tidepool and have his smaller ones reach out to feel the smoothness of a clamshell, asking the “why” questions that only come from sometimes inexplicable wonders of our natural world.

There are beautiful places all over the world; we are fortunate to live in a small piece of this gorgeous geographic pie. But still, many moms and dads hesitate to come to Alaska with children. Oh, there are a lot of reasons I hear; the kids are too little, it costs too much, there isn’t enough to do, etc. etc.

That’s why we’re here, to dispell the myths and help collect the truths. Disney may have a corner on the fabricated kid-world, but they’ve got nothing on the real Magic Kingdom.

Take a close look at the kid in the photo. He’s just damn glad to be alive, this boy. That’s why we do what we do, folks. AKontheGO looks forward to another great year of Family-Friendly.

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