Wild Wednesday and the Great Outdoors!

I’ll be jiggered if this isn’t just the best Wild Wednesday of them all. The sun is up, the coffee is hot, and AKontheGO pal Dallas Seavey just won the Yukon Quest sled dog race into Fairbanks. Dallas was a guest on the Alaska Travelgram Show last month and of course that makes him our fav musher. But Dallas, at 23, emulates the mission of AKontheGO’ers everywhere by living his life on the outside. New dad, husband, successful business owner, and now the youngest person to win the Quest with Iditarod just a few weeks away; Dallas has figured out the delicate balance, it would appear, of doing what he loves in a place he loves. We’ll be watching on Iditarod Start day, Dallas!

Speaking of the Alaska Travelgram Show, did you listen yesterday as former Alaska State Parks Chief Honcho, Jerry Lewanski talked about the connection of families to parks? I am a fan of Jerry, and not just because he owns Fire Island Bakery in downtown Anchorage, either. Jerry is dialed in to family friendly parks in Alaska, including Nancy Lake, Chena River, Eklutna and the rest of our enormous Chugach, and Seldovia’s Otterbahn trail and beach camping fun. Jerry should know what makes kids happy in Alaska; he raised four children and was happy to share what places were hot, and which were not, on his kids’ list.

In other Wild Wednesday news, sign ups continue for the annual Ski 4 Kids event happening Saturday, February 26 at Kincaid Park in southwest Anchorage. Geared towards kids 0-12, the event will feature a mock biathlon, obstacle course, races for all, and prizes, lots and lots of prizes, so sign up at the wonderful Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage website today!

Check out the Alaska Zoo’s website for their version of Wild Wednesday and this week’s featured critter talk with local experts. We heart the Zoo in the wintertime, and last time we visited the bear cub was still strutting around like a mop with legs. He loves kids, so stop by and say hi, just down from the snowy owl and on the way to the wolves. It won’t be long, now, until spring is here (yes, yes, I can dream) and the wild animals come sauntering out of hibernation to welcome warmer weather. Can’t you just feel it?

AK Fam is in the midst of packing for an upcoming trip to Fairbanks, so the office is all filled with flotsam and jetsam of the winter recreation sort. Temperatures should be warmer than usual, like 15 above! We’ll be broadcasting our part of the Alaska Travelgram from the beautiful Fairbanks Visitor Center on Tuesday afternoon after a fun weekend exploring the Interior, so stay tuned.

Get your wild on, today. Here comes the sun!

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