We’re Ready for JetBlue and the Magic Kingdom, But We Need YOU!

It’s nearly here, AKontheGO’ers. May 23, when the pretty white planes with blue tails arrive and set Anchorage on fire with great deals to points south. JetBlue was kind enough to offer AK Fam a few seats, and away we’ll go on that inaugural flight, headed to Long Beach, CA. As we’ve mentioned on the Alaska Travelgram Show numerous times, to receive the incredible price of $139/one way to LB, you must purchase tickets by May 12. Like, NOW. Why JetBlue? Access, people, access. SoCal on the cheap, especially during the travel season just makes sense, and JetBlue can whisk anybody just about anywhere thanks to their impressive fleet of aircraft. Access appears even better when we talk bags and legroom, because we all know both can be in short supply on other airlines. JetBlue offers passengers the “First Bag Free” guarantee (providing it isn’t anything crazy like a box stuffed with alligators). We like no bag fees; and that leg room? JetBlue has a designated number of seats referred to as “E.M.L.”, meaning  “Even More Leg Room”, which implies that all seats offer splendid space for one’s appendages to stretch out, but E.M.L. gives even more. Check out their website for a layout. At any rate, AK Fam is quite excited to fly JetBlue, and rest assured we’ll provide a play-by-play of our flight (because there’s FREE wi-fi) on our Twitter feed.

What will we actually do once our feet hit the ground of southern California’s tarmac? My, my, that is an entirely different adventure, thanks to the folks at JetBlue Vacations, who took my idea of visiting Disneyland and ran, ran, ran with it. AK Kid talks about Disneyland a lot, especially when he sees the commercials of kids dancing their way around the roller coasters and Disney characters who seem to appear out of nowhere to provide hugs and high-fives. Why not go there? I fought it, friends, yes, I fought it hard, but after AK Fam’s month of ills and spills and desperate pleas for AK Dad’s survival, we figure AK Kid deserves a break, today. So we’re going. BUT, we’re not telling AK Kid until we pull into the parking lot. How cool is that? Video camera, ready.

The Disneyland Hotel will become our home base to provide AK Dad with reasonable access to/from the Park and the “classic” Disney experience. I stayed there the first and only time I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, and I can’t wait to swim in their enormous pool and have Goofy serve my dinner. Really. I can’t.

But here’s where I need your help, folks. The last time I visited Disneyland Space Mountain had recently opened (yeah, I’m as old as Cinderella’s stepmother, get over it). There’s tons of new rides and attractions, and we don’t have a lot of time; just three days. What should we see? What should we avoid with a six-year-old? How can we maximize our Disney fun without wearing out AK Dad?

Help us! Comment below and give me a plan. You all know how I love plans.

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