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The AK Fam enjoying a winter stay at Dolly Varden public use cabin at Eklutna Lake, Alaska. Image courtesy Erik Helland.

Planning a trip to Alaska often feels daunting for parents or grandparents looking to see as much as they can, in a set amont of time, with one or more children in tow. “We want to show them everything!” is a statement I’ve heard more than once, and it’s sometimes difficult to talk down the enthusiastic adults who have high expectations for landscape, wildlife, and all the Alaska-ness they’ve seen on television or read about in books. 

After 10 years, AKontheGO is full of treasure-worthy blog posts that provide information about the Who, What, When, Where, and How of Alaska family travel. What’s been underrated, I think, is the Why; all that intrinsic, feel-awestruck stuff that we all want, and some of us save up a lifetime to see. 

Challenging themselves to a new adventure; getting to know their surroundings’ having fun. That’s how we help families make the most of their Alaska experience. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

So I’m about that. I live it. And I want your kids(and you) to live it with me, for however long your family chooses to spend time in the 49th state, this last great wild place. 

Not sure how to subcribe to our newsletter? Bottom left corner is where to go; it’s easy. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

I mentioned above the thousands of words in the AKontheGO blog roll; all of those need updating. For the next several months, you’ll be seeing a different sort of posting schedule from me, and here’s how it will work: 

  • Twice a month, a blog post will hit your inbox (please consider subscribing – it is fast, easy, and the best way to get our updated information; see the photo above). In it will be three or so refurbished and refreshed blog posts covering a variety of topics, some theme-based, some because I thought you’d enjoy reading about local fun. 
  • When new products, services, or big happenings occur, you’ll be the first to know via the blog. But keep close tabs on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because that’s where you’ll see the “in a flash” information. 

I love my AKontheGO family; it is you, dear travelers and Alaska-philes, who keep me inspired and give me hope that every single young visitor will return home and share his or her Alaska adventure. Maybe, just maybe, someone will visit Alaska because a child led the way, and wouldn’t that be amazing? 

This week, I’ve got a few fresh posts to share, two about fall adventuring while we’re waiting (and waiting, and waiting, apparently) for snow; and one to help break down Alaska’s geography into your trip  plans. Need help? Send me a note at e.kirkland0@gmail.com. I’m here. 

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  2. These places are heavenly beautiful and whenever i see blogs on such places i got motivated. I have a dream to travel Alaska and hopefully one day i will be there. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.

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