Wassup Wednesday? Important Dates and Places in Alaska

At least the view is pretty. Rain, rain, go away.

I’m just not sure if it could possibly get any gloomier and/or chillier outside this morning. Really. Even the flowers are shivering. Wednesday, June 15 is a good day to rehash and regroup during a busy summer, so that’s just what we’re gonna do. Important dates and events to remember, that sort of thing…

FIRST: Yesterday’s Travelgram Show was tons of fun, since we had Amy Q. from Alyeska Resort in the studio with us, sharing a treasure trove of summertime activities going on at the Girdwood property. Summer concerts, mountain biking, hiking, and even some specials at the Alyeska Grand Hotel. Fun for the whole fam. Give a Listen HERE.

SAVE THE DATE: We’re putting a new spin on our usual “Taking the Kids” presentation and gathering up our most unique AKontheGO destinations and experiences around Alaska for REI. Join us at 6 p.m. on June 30 at the REI store on Northern Lights Blvd as we share some interesting places to take the kids this summer (and anyone else who happens to go along). FREE.

Jet Blue? Oh, yes, deals and steals still exist, but you must hurry!

AIR FARE WAR: Of course you paid close attention yesterday when my co-host Scott McMurren shared his top air fare steals, yes? In case you didn’t, and because you might be saying “But Erin, these air fares change all the time, how will I really know?” I am happy to provide you a link to Mr. Travel Guru’s website where you, too, can keep up on the latest and greatest in airline snits. Repeat after me “When the airlines fight, we win.” Good luck, and be sure to sign up for Scott’s newsletter so the info will BAM! your inbox on a regular basis. Scott also has a listing of super in-state deals via our pals at Era Alaska, a nice surprise.

MORE BEAR SAFETY: I am truly hopeful that after the Bear Safety for Families class on June 1 at Campbell Creek Science Center, everyone is feeling more confident about his or her adventures in Alaskan forests this summer. I know I am. To take bear safety one giant revolution further, the incredible staff of CCSC are teaching Bear Safety on Bikes tonight at 7 p.m. at the facility off Elmore Road. This is one great idea. Bikes are quiet, fast, and tend to be overlooked in the usual scheme of bear safety planning, so everyone who does or wants to ride bikes around Alaska should attend. AND, bring your bike; staff will be leading a short trek through the Campbell Tract post-lecture. FREE.

This is what I like to do in Homer, too.

HOMER-BOUND: Ahhh, Homer. That’s what I always say when talking about this cosmic hamlet-by-the-sea. Lucky for me the AK Fam Annual Pilgrimage is coming up. That’s right; AK Dad wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday in true Alaskan fashion, so we’ll be taking off in a few days, for a few days with a truckload of family and friends to party with Homerites. Of course we’ll stay at our favorite little collection of kitchy cabins, Homer Seaside Cottages, where shabby-chic meets seaside charm in the most delightful way. Love. This. Place. Perfect for families of all ages.

We’ll be sure to drop in on our friends at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center just up the hill via an easy walking trail, and have coffee at Two Sisters Bakery down the block (one of the best reasons to stay at the cottages, btw). Drive? Who needs to drive? Just roll me down the beach after all the goodies and I’m perfectly happy. We’ll even consider a trip on the Seldovia Bay Ferry to that little community around the corner and across the Bay for some Ottterbahn trail hiking! Oh yes, I can feel the tension leaving my shoulders now.

A big thanks to the Fresh Sourdough Express restaurant, one of Homer’s most popular spots, for coming up with a yummy idea for a birthday cake for AK Dad (of course we’ll have photos).

I feel better already. Let the wind blow and rain fall, it’s Wednesday in Alaska!


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