Visit Alaska in the Fall?

Enjoy the beauty of autumn in Alaska

Enjoy the beauty of autumn in Alaska

Yes, travelers, fall is the perfect time to visit Alaska. There is a big push to entice visitors to the 49th State during what used to be called the “Shoulder Season”. We here at AKontheGO are not calling it that anymore; opting instead for “All Season” travel. Yes?

Autumn in Alaska is short, so the surrounding landscape, animals, and even people make the most of it. If fall colors are your thing, look no further than Alyeska Resort, where gorgeous yellows and reds await you as you stay in the glamorous (and not so crowded) Alyeska Hotel and gaze upon ski slopes that for now are covered in brilliant shades of maroon and gold. The resort has a super duper family deal right now, too. For $198, you can buy the Alaskan Autumn Special for the entire family, which gets a family of up to five people a Deluxe room, complimentary movie and pizza, AND breakfast the next day for the whole crew. Not bad once you break it down.

Still not convinced? Try visiting some of the surrounding trail systems between Girdwood (Alyeska’s home) and Anchorage for some wildlife being, well, pretty wild. This is the famous “Rut” season for our amorous Male Moosen, and visitors to Alaska are pretty well guaranteed a sighting; usually of the Big Daddy bellowing and/or swinging his rack of antlers around, or chasing some female moose towards the honeymoon suite.

Need more? The snows also come to Alaska early; meaning kiddos who don’t usually get to see snow in October will for sure see it upon the easily-accessed hillsides, and possibly in town, causing a free-for-all among Anchorage children who are just waiting to break out the skis and sledding equipment.

Visit Alaska Airlines for some special deals. Really, an autumn getaway might be just the ticket to kick off what will soon be the holiday season (shhhh, don’t tell anybody, but Alaska is a GREAT place to spend Christmas).

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