Un-Cruise Adventures Opens Our Eyes to Mexico

Rocky, hot, and full of life. That's Baja California Sur.

A sky full of scenery.

Rugged, windswept, alive. Those are just a few descriptors uttered this week while gazing upon wild landscapes of Baja California, a nearly 800-mile peninsula of land jutting out from mainland Mexico. With Un-Cruise Adventures as our trusted guide, my family and I were able to scramble precipitious hillsides, paddle blue water, and immerse ourselves in the history, ecology, and atmosphere of Mexico, far from spring break revelations happening around us.

AK Kid and guide Lia explore a cactus growing on a windswept hillside.

"Hey, they have Grundens on, too!" (Foul weather gear many Alaskans wear)

Thus is the essence of an Un-Cruise, and one of many reasons we choose to sail with the Seattle-based company that also serves Hawaii, Alaska, and a number of Pacific Northwest destinations. Where larger cruise companies tend to focus on things at ports of call, Un-Cruise retains a decisive itinerary of experiences to provide a richer understanding of people and their backstory; meaningful connections to nature and what it means to industry, education, and way of life.

Burro. Kid. Ranching life in Mexico.

Like the Alaska trips I so often travel and promote, an Un-Cruise around Mexico’s Sea of Cortez provides valuable lessons in similarity and difference to kids from Alaska. For instance, did you know Mexico was first thought to be first inhabited by humans 16,000 years ago, via a land bridge from Asia, via Alaska? Hunters and gatherers, they were, and a hardy bunch, learning from the land and taking its offerings despite incredibly harsh growing conditions and intense, dry heat. Did you also know aquarian explorer Jaques Cousteau referred to the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez as the “Aquarium of the World” for all its rich marine life? Sound familiar, Alaska residents?

Gray whales, training their calves for Alaska. Wow!

Stone Scorpion Fish near our skiff scared me to death, even more than bears. HA!

AK Kid climbed near caves of yesterday’s vaqueros, local cowboys and their families who still inhabit nearby ranchos today. He discovered wiggly lobsters, or langostino, caught in fishermen’s nets. He felt the breath of a mother whale and her calf as they comfortably swam near our boat. With typical nine-year-old enthusiasm, he ran on the beach and snorkled through briny waves, watching and waiting and gleaning life lessons every minute of every day, until he collapsed each night with sandy feet and sunburned shoulders.

Post sea lion snorkel. An amazing morning that deserves its own blog post.

Looking for stingrays and catching the sun's rays.

Glorious moments, that's an Un-Cruise adventure.

Un-Cruise is not just a vacation. It’s a state of being.





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