Un-Cruise Adventures and AKontheGO Team Up for “Kids in Nature”

Hiding in the huckleberry bushes of southeast Alaska, AK Mom prepares for her next adventure!

This is a BIG announcement. I mean, really, really big. Un-Cruise Adventures (formerly Inner Sea Discoveries) has invited ME to serve as on-board Guest Host of their Discoverer’s Glacier Country cruise June 16-21, 2013! Moi!

I’m excited about this for a number of reasons.

Kids in Nature cruises are great ways to connect children to their natural world. Join me?

1. It means Un-Cruise Adventures gets this whole family-adventure-travel thing, knowing that a trip to Alaska is more than viewing the state from the top deck of an enormous floating city. No, a trip to Alaska should be about touching the sand along a rocky shoreline and investigating critters who live within the briny pools; visiting should be about watching a humpback whale or sea lion from the cockpit of a kayak; it should be about promoting conservation of a world into which nature has openly invited us, and thanking the earth, in return. During our cruise in June, kids will explore the glacial silt, the bear tracks, and the chilly wind, and we’ll ponder what it all means.

2. This cruise is a chance to shout from the rooftops AKontheGO’s commitment to families. Our mission is to encourage both residents and visitors to become acquainted with the unique attributes of the nation’s largest state. Live in Fairbanks? Visit southeast Alaska and see how many things compare and contrast with your home community. Live in the Lower 48? Encourage friends to travel to the Last Frontier and become one of thousands who say “I want to go back.” AKontheGO spends hours painting the word picture – that visiting children of today are the grown-up messengers of sustainable tourism, tomorrow. And we mean it.

3. I get to further adore this company, whose innovative approach to the concept of small ship cruising will, I believe, change the way people view Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. Featuring a dedicated staff who are clearly in love with their jobs, Un-Cruise Adventures provides guests with an all-inclusive experience that meets the needs of each passenger. Whether spending the afternoon gazing upon scenery unfolding before you, or out on the water in the middle of seafaring action, this company strives to make every guest, young or old, feel like the most important person on board.

Un-Cruise Adventures sails a full slate of Alaska itineraries mid-May to early September, with designated dates for families, photographers, wine lovers, and birders. My trip will depart Juneau for beautiful Glacier Bay, sailing around nooks and crannies of the Tongass National Forest, inspecting glaciers, and watching for mighty whales. We’ll learn about ecology, marine life, bear-aware skills, and do a fair bit of summer camp-style arts and crafts, too. I’ve even got a nightly story hour lined up. We’ll return to Juneau on June 21 full of memories, photos, and hopefully a better understanding of this place we call Alaska.

Join me?

Small ship cruises offer a front seat to the world...

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