Trickster Trips Gives the VW Love For Alaska Campers

What could be more fun than hanging out in the loft of a VW Vanagon? Not much, say these happy customers of Trickster Trips. Image courtesy TT.

When AKontheGO sits down with Mandy Morell, owner of Trickster Trips, a new rental service featuring classic Volkswagen vans. 

Of all the vehicles I’ve had the privilege of driving, none has ever captured the essence of roadtripping quite the venerable Volkswagen Van. A Volkswagen, known as “The people’s car,” has graced home driveways of my family since before I even arrived on this earth, and one or two will continue to do so as long as I am able to push that clutch in and throw the gear into first. 

I haven’t, however, owned a VW bus or van since my young adult years, and it pains me every time we hop onto the highways and byways of Alaska. Holiday Roads, friends, that’s what runs through my mind, and that’s what I want. So when Mandy Morell from Trickster Trips sent me a message saying she was ready to launch a brand new business that catered to the Volkswagen-loving, roadtripping-proud crowd, I said, “Sign me up.” 

Ditch the worries about cold, rainy Alaska camping and rent a Vanagon from Trickster Trips.

What’s it all about? Trickster Trips offers three different Volkswagen vans, all “tricked out” for families wanting to rough it, but not too roughly. With everything you need for sleeping, cooking, driving, and playing around Alaska, Trickster Trips is an excellent option for weeklong (or more) exploration. 

What’s included? Beds for four (two doubles), including sheets/blankets (or bring your sleeping bags); cooking supplies/utensils, spices, dish soap, sponges, etc; outlets for tunes (bluetooth and/or USB); and maps/books about roadways in Alaska (ahem). Add-ons like wi-fi, solar showers, tents, and even groceries can be arranged. And, folks, you can ask Mandy to meet you at the train station or airport for those who want to be “on the go” as quickly as possible. 

How about the cost? Trickster Trips is affordable when one looks at the weekly rate and added cost for mileage of other rental companies. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • May 1-31: $900/week
  • June 1-30/ July 1-31: $1,200/week
  • August 1-31: $1,000/week 

Remember, there is NO limit to the amount of miles you put on the van, and Morell has a few great ideas for each rental category. Northern lights, snow, mountains – Trickster Trips has you covered. 


Clean, comfortable, and perfectly suited for small-group road trips around Alaska. Image courtesy Trickster Trips.

In just a few weeks 2018 will begin, and there’s no better time to plan a summer road trip (heck, or a spring one) than right now. 

Stay tuned, because AKontheGO is all over this gig, and we’ll be partnering in 2018 with some fun deals and opportunities for friends of our travels. 


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