There’s No Time Like Snow Time at Alyeska Resort

With an abundance of premier  ski resorts scattered across the United States, envisioning a family vacation to schuss the snowy slopes of Alaska seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? The Rocky Mountains are much closer, the Wasatch much drier, and the Cascades much cheaper. Why the heck would mom and dad spend a bundle to vacation in a state that everyone knows is too cold for the average skier? Be bold, friends! Alyeska Resort, Alaska’s only premier ski destination and one of the classiest joints we’ve found in the 49th state, is truly a beautiful black diamond in the not-so-rough.

Situated an easy 45 miles from Anchorage in the growing community of Girdwood, Alyeska features 1,400 skiable acres of alpine meadow/spruce forest to glide and turn, and 650 inches of white stuff to do it upon. Sporting a day lodge, mountain learning center, two rental shops, and a hotel worthy of European standards, Alyeska Resort has made a name for itself among skiing families who want prime mountain time combined with Alaskan hospitality. Stunning vistas from the Alyeska Aerial Tramway, where Turnagain Arm and towering mountains send one scrambling for the camera, excellent customer service, and wonderful dining await both the seasoned local and honored guest, and the resort is always rolling out a red carpet of family-friendly specials. 

Hotel Alyeska’s indoor pool is a fabulous way to amuse and entertain the kids.

For families, a stay at the beautifully-appointed Hotel Alyeska allows parents the luxury they crave and the kid-appeal they require. The resort now offers year-round deals specifically geared toward parents and kids (and their friends, too). 


Yes, kid-friendly food matters. The Pond Cafe offers many traditional favorites for breakfast and lunch.

We like the hotel for its warm embrace of families. In fact, the resort itself understands that families crave the sort of ambiance Alyeska affords; kids can swim in the pool, skate on the outdoor pond, or hang out in one of the many cozy common areas (yes, wi-fi in all of them). Parents will enjoy the spa and hot tub, and an opportunity to linger by a roaring fireplace with no obligations other than the ones immediately in front of them, demanding equal time on the iPhone.

Need a ski lesson? Alyeska’s Mountain Learning Center boasts top-notch instructors who truly do understand the dynamics of teaching wiggly, energetic, and sometimes hot-dogging kids the mechanics, and the sheer joy, of skiing on Alaska’s most fabulous runs. AK Kid took a Super Cub lesson when we stayed at the resort last, spending so much time on the Magic Carpet (easy lift requiring no skills other than walking on skis) that I’m sure they’ll engrave his name onto the astroturf. His teacher had him gliding, turning, and ducking in and out of an inflatable obstacle course, ready to hit the lift by day’s end, just where we wanted him at age 5.

Alyeska’s Mountain Learning Center offers classes for every ability and age. AK Kid loved the obstacle course!

AK Dad took a lesson, too, heading up the blue runs while I made my way up to the top for a few hours of mom-time featuring some hard-core turns along the ridgeline and swooping down into bowls before meeting the guys for a well-earned lunch in the daylodge. That’s the beauty of Alyeska; it feels large enough to be a big-time resort, but small enough that we all ran into each other multiple times throughout the afternoon; a nice compromise.

We wore him out. ‘Nuff said.

At the end of the day, though, our favorite part was shedding ski boots, wrapping ourselves up in the hotel’s uber-soft, deep-fill comforters, and gazing upon a brilliant moon rising above the steep roofline, waiting for the first stars to appear. AK Dad and I clinked our wine glasses in mutual agreement that we had, indeed, made a great choice for a family ski. AK Kid snored softly from the depths of his pillow, further reinforcing our decision to return next year.

Ahhhl-eyska. Awesome.

NOTE: For a full calendar of events hosted by Alyeska Resort, including their holiday season special activities geared toward kids, visit their events page HERE. 

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