The Travel Mamas’ Guide: Everything you wanted (and maybe didn’t) know about family travel

It sounds easy. Choose a destination, throw some clothes and toys in a suitcase, and away you go to family vacation bliss.


Enter The Travel Mamas’ Guide, every parent’s bible of vacation tips and tricks to preserve our sanity. Authored by my family travel colleague Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mamas’ Guide is a practical, witty, and incredibly useful part of the family vacation toolbox. I’ve passed it around to several families already, especially those with younger children who are staring a big trip right in the eyes.

Whether traveling across the country or around the world, The Travel Mamas’ Guide provides parents with real-world scenarios that make it easier to plan, pack, and implement a family vacation. Lanin gets it, partly because she’s a gifted storyteller, but also because she’s been in the travel trenches with us as mom to two kids.

Here’s the deal: Travel with children is not always pretty. There’s delays, mess-ups, and utter failures. But we still go, and we go because travel is a vital element of showing our kids the great big world in which we live.  So, inexplicibly, as we’re mopping up spilled grape juice from the hotel carpet or cramming extra underwear and snacks into the carry-on bag, “just in case,” we’re already planning the next adventure.

That’s travel, and that’s why The Travel Mamas’ Guide works so well. It’s simple, organized, and easy enough to pack along for the ride. My favorite part? When Lanin says, in Chapter 12, “Adjust, adjust, adjust!”

She’s got that right.

No excuses, moms and dads. Let’s do this thing; we’ll all be better people. Including our kids.


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