Terra Bella Combines Organic With Fantastic

I’m sure not alone with  my desire to find quality coffee houses that embrace the presence of my child as well as me. Anchorage seems to have a coffee shack on every corner in town, but only a handful of sit-down cafes that welcome kids of any age to sip a cocoa, yak the afternoon away, and/or hang out with mama. Even better if the ingredients and coffee are of the organic nature, something AK Fam is consciously seeking these days.

Found it! Terra Bella Organic Coffee is cuddled right next to a David’s Bridal store and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and before a month or so ago did not attract my attention, until a friend and I met for a coffee/business klatch. I returned with AK Kid in tow and received his enthusiastic thumbs-up; now it’s on our family list of fav stops to or from various family outings, and we’re digging it.

Why? It’s simple. Yep, simple in the way coffee should taste,  music should sound, and food should be made. Subdued yet cherry surroundings, including two fireplaces and muted little  lights on pub-style tables. Parents will appreciate the store’s effort to keep them busy with a few baskets of toys and books near the cluster of couches in two separate sitting areas, and no one seems to care if either are scattered upon the floor while parents converse.

They have some super stuff to munch on as well. Terra Bella’s owner Linda Vollertsen brings in organic and gluten-free options for patrons, and at this minute I am sampling a gluten free-chocolate-zucchini muffin so dense and choco-rich, I’m drooling on my keyboard. Paired with a spicy-honey Chai latte, my Wednesday is definitely looking better than when I walked in here. Terra Bella also offers full breakfasts and lunch items that are full of fresh Alaskan veggies and goodness, plus the expected line of coffees, teas, and juices. Don’t miss the baked good section, and take your time selecting.

It’s not exactly in the heart of Anchorage’s tourist web, and with Dimond Blvd having that inconvenient median in the middle of the road, the store can be tough to get to if one is unfamiliar with our funky Anchorage roads, but hey, make the stop. It’s a good choice over a Starbucks in Fred Meyer, don’t you think? And you’ll be supporting fair trade and a parent’s sanity. Can’t go wrong there.

Check out the company’s Website here and see what else Linda has going on. She’s also a wealth of local information for all things sustainable, and the store even offers movie nights and presentations to enrich our knowledge of our planet’s needs as well as our own.  Terra Bella is located at 601 E. Dimond #6.

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