Get Your Winter Wildlife Fix in Alaska

AKontheGO’s bi-monthly newsletter is a compilation of blog posts, newsy bits, and interesting information about traveling Alaska with children. Are you a subscriber? You’ll be the first to see what’s happening and where you should be in the 49th state, any time of year. ~ Erin Kirkland, publisher With a sudden shift of weather, Alaska is […]

One Family’s Iditarod Experience

By Heather Mundt Note: Colorado freelance writer Heather Mundt and her family visited Anchorage for the 2016 Iditarod. This is a two-part story sharing their trip; hopefully it will inspire those unsure about a winter adventure to witness the start of the Last Great Race. ~EK   Heading to a park in Anchorage, Alaska on a […]

10 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Alaska (a New Normal?)

For the second year in a row, January dawned with showery, warm, and windy weather that brought the concept of an Alaska winter to a screeching halt. Throughout the state, conditions have been wild and wacky, with fluctuating temperatures that are causing many residents and visitors to ask “Is this our new normal?” This afternoon […]

Top Tips For Anchorage Winter Fun

Alaskans know when temperatures plunge and snow begins to fall, it’s time to play outside. From placid skating ponds to rugged mountaintop ski runs, the 49th state embraces winter with enthusiasm, especially in Anchorage, where access meets adventure quite comfortably. asked me to share my favorite snowy-day fun spots with the hope that more families […]

Icebreaker Merino: Comfort and style for the entire family

For many people, wool represents the fabric they love to hate, depending upon their experience wearing it. Like me, perhaps they spent childhoods clad in itchy sweaters or marbled gray mittens that stunk to high heaven after a few handfuls of snow. We don’t want to dislike wool, especially when we understand its capabilities to keep […]

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month at Juneau’s Eaglecrest

[sponsored post] Learning to ski or snowboard can be one of the most rewarding, independence-granting activities of a lifetime, or, particularly for older kids and adults – one of the most frustrating. I was introduced to skis during early elementary school, but in an era of cost-cutting and parental instruction, didn’t take a lesson until […]

Anchorage Winter Biking: A very happy AK Kid takes to the trails

Given the choice to walk or ride to a particular destination, AK Kid will almost always choose the ride, especially if it involves his beloved blue bicycle. A Christmas gift last year, AK Kid’s mountain bike from REI has proven its worth over and over during the non-snowy months. This December, with snow depths still […]

Three Reasons to Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center This Winter

During a bustling summer tourist season, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage draws thousands of visitors eager to catch more than a glimpse of their favorite 49th state critter. Across the grassy, brushy land near the Placer River at the end of Turnagain Arm, AWCC is the kind of place most guests to Alaska […]

Alaska Snow Play: Three great places to enjoy our signature weather pattern

It’s SNOWING today! Cue up the holiday tunes and break out the boots, Alaska parents, because the event your children have been waiting for has arrived. AK Fam has woken to many a snowy morning since our arrival nearly 10 years ago, but there is nothing, nothing like the first snowfall of the season. Alaskans […]

Bears? Now? Take Care and Take Note: Winter-Bear-Aware In Session!

Shhhhhhhh. The bears of Anchorage are supposed to be sleeping, although it seems they missed the memo, judging from the number of tracks spotted on a daily basis in and around Alaska’s largest city. Heck, I was out hiking the other day in my favorite stretch of the Campbell Tract and came upon a huge […]