People of My Year: Alaska Superstars

For several years I’ve followed a traditional year-end path of The List. You know The List – every news outlet has one, it seems. From bloggers to public television, ranking memorable places and events is popular, even in Alaska. With 2014 slowly breaking from behind an ever-brightening winter landscape, I thought I’d take a different […]

Fishing With Kids in Valdez, Alaska: Catch some memories here!

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Valdez Fish Derbies.) Give a kid a fish, and he might eat it, if you’re lucky. “Uh-uh, no way, I’m NOT trying that.” Teach a kid to fish, and the picture changes. The fish changes. Everything changes. Alaska is about fish. Watching fish, catching fish, smoking and […]

Alaska With Kids: See Prince William Sound and Valdez With Our 49th State Itinerary

Happy frozen Monday! AKontheGO is jumping into another week of family travel news, information, and tips for your next 49th state adventure. This week we’re headed to Prince William Sound and AK Fam-favorite community, Valdez. Beautiful, rugged, and full of laid-back charm, Valdez does have a dramatic story as a Gold Rush town, Trans-Alaska pipeline […]

Alaska Travelgram Podcast: LIVE From Era Alaska!

Sometimes the Travelgram Team just has to break away and go somewhere different. This week we settled in at the main hangar of Era Alaska, our state’s leader in regional air travel. We wandered the place, peered into a few aircraft engines, ate several cookies, and eventually sat down to chat with our guests. It […]

Alaska Family Fun Continues: Where to Find the Action This Weekend

Just look at what AK Fam found yesterday aboard a Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruise! An entire whale was attached to that tail, and he/she was one big creature cruising around the chilly waters of Prince William Sound. This is what Alaska family travel is all about – scenes like this. Don’t you love it? […]

Why I Love the Alaska Marine Highway: AKontheGO Heads to Valdez

“Look, Mommy! There’s a whole field of icebergs – I hope we don’t sink!!” My son’s screechy voice carried across the far reaches of the ferry as if spit from a bullhorn. Too many Titanic movies had made him very iceberg-aware; although, in fairness to our excellent crew, perhaps not presented in the manner he […]

Lifting Me Higher: Mother’s Day Weekend in Valdez

It’s not the average Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll admit. Peering into the guts of an Alaskan bush airplane and schmoozing with Carhartt-clad pilots while noshing on a cheeseburger at tarmac’s edge. But I’ll be a monkey’s mother if it wasn’t one of the best three days I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing with my […]

Flying High to Valdez, AKontheGO’s Numero Uno

Only two more days until AK Fam packs up and heads toward the beautiful fjords and scenic vistas of our 2010 Numero Uno destination, Valdez. Yes, we’re going, even though snow still rests upon the towering mountains and mud predominates hiking trails and yards; because it’s springtime, and AK Fam, like most Alaskans, is jumping […]

AKontheGO’s Top Trips of 2010

You’ve been waiting and waiting for AK Fam to come up with our favorite places of 2010, I just know it. Thank you for your patience; the process has been complex, detailed, and involved serious discussion around the dinner table. It’s not easy deciphering a six year-old’s manner of deduction, after all, but we are […]

A Sound Experience Fishing in Valdez

We’re pleased that our internet connection has been re-established, at least for the moment, and it’s a good thing since our stay in Valdez is exceeding  expectations in most every possible way. You know the day has to go well when a fish jumps right into your boat. Yep, true story. I had been hesitant […]

Labor Day Weekend, the Valdez Way

Blue skies, smiling at me…Oh yeah, AK Fam’s got blue skies, and they’ve been keeping us in a happy place since our departure from Anchorage Thursday morning. No kidding. Valdez is the spot of choice this long Labor Day weekend, where we’ll engage in a little fishin’, a little funnin’, and a whole lot of […]