Hiking the Un-Cruise Way: Meet the “Bushwhack”

Straight out of Merriam-Webster:  bush·whack ˈbo͝oSHˌ(h)wak/ verb  1. NORTH AMERICANAUSTRALIAN/NZ live or travel in wild or uncultivated country.     Un-Cruise Adventures does a pretty good job of describing their adventurous style of cruising. Small ships, tiny coves, and a loose itinerary that makes allowances for weather, wildlife, or whims. And it’s those whims of […]

Three options for Alaska small-ship cruising

“Unbelievably beautiful!” “We never thought we’d be so close to wildlife!” “I can’t wait to go again!” One of the best parts about my job is listening to the comments of people returning from their Alaska vacations. Even better are exclamations of joy from people who have just disembarked from a small-ship cruising experience. Cruising […]

Hiking the ‘Un-Trails’ of Southeast Alaska

It seems strange not to be dressed in XtraTufs and my favorite knit cap on a Tuesday. Last week, and the week before, Tuesday found me with a plethora of young, active guests aboard the Un-Cruise Adventures vessel Wilderness Adventurer, sailing around the hidden nooks and crannies of southeast Alaska. I’m home this week, catching […]

Time for Un-Cruise Adventures: Kids in Nature and AKontheGO team up again

My living room floor is littered with craft supplies, rain gear, and the dark blue uniforms of Un-Cruise Adventures. It’s time for my annual trek to Southeast Alaska and another session aboard my favorite small ship cruise line. Un-Cruise Adventures, with sailings in Alaska, Hawai’i, Baja California, and Washington, strives to be a different experience […]

Un-Cruise Adventures Opens Our Eyes to Mexico

Rugged, windswept, alive. Those are just a few descriptors uttered this week while gazing upon wild landscapes of Baja California, a nearly 800-mile peninsula of land jutting out from mainland Mexico. With Un-Cruise Adventures as our trusted guide, my family and I were able to scramble precipitious hillsides, paddle blue water, and immerse ourselves in […]

Alaska Small Ship Cruising: What you need to know

After three tours aboard three different Un-Cruise Adventure vessels, I’ve come to an understanding about the concept of “small ship cruising,” especially when it involves children and Alaska. Small ships (those sailing with fewer than 100 passengers, by my own definition) are intimate experiences, so whether traveling with your own kids or alongside someone else’s, […]

Un-Cruise Adventures and AKontheGO Team Up for “Kids in Nature”

This is a BIG announcement. I mean, really, really big. Un-Cruise Adventures (formerly Inner Sea Discoveries) has invited ME to serve as on-board Guest Host of their Discoverer’s Glacier Country cruise June 16-21, 2013! Moi! I’m excited about this for a number of reasons. 1. It means Un-Cruise Adventures gets this whole family-adventure-travel thing, knowing […]