Family Travel Resolutions for 2012

We here at AKontheGO believe in family travel so much, we’re willing to take one for the team in generous encouragement of your next adventure. This means, of course, AK Fam must communicate our impressions within the world of travel and children; sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, but always insightful. At least, after we’ve scraped the […]

Nighty-Night In the Land Of Midnight Sun

It’s one of the first questions asked by non-Alaskans. “How do you ever get to sleep during the summer months?” which leads, then, to “How will I ever get my kids to sleep when we come visit you?” Ah, yes, sleep in the Land of Midnight Sun. I’ll never forget my first visit to Alaska: […]

Connecting With Other Kids: Is a Playdate Necessary?

A very alert AKontheGO’er sent me a link last week to MSNBC’s “Today” website and a story about pre-scheduling playdates for the kiddos while on travel. As part of a bigger article featuring concepts like couchsurfing, cultural exchanges, and homestays (all very hip terms in our world of global family travel, and all worthy) one […]

“May We Have Your Attention…” Safety Briefings for Family Travel

Japan’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in 2011 created a shift of thinking in my mind about safer family travel, and that Yes, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Friends in Japan, hundreds of miles away from the quake’s actual location lost power all day on Friday, March 11; Alaskans vacationing in Hawaii spent the night […]