Family Snaps: Photo essay of an AKontheGO summer

Sometimes it’s the visual cues that provide the final “yes” to a vacation destination, and Alaska is no exception. The state’s traveling-est family (I just made that word up) has been busy this summer, and we’ve searched the photo galleries to find the best of our adventures. Now will you come visit us? ~EK Our […]

AKontheGO “Goes” to Nome for Iditarod 2015

Steeped in history and a fair amount of mystery, the town of Nome is probably the most popular community in Alaska each March. Iditarod 2015 finishers continue rolling across the finish line, and it’s about now that emails begin rolling my way with inquiries by curious and adventurous parents wondering if they should book a […]

Five Alaska Experiences to Reserve NOW

  State of Alaska tourism offices predict nearly two million people will fly, float, drive, and cycle their way around the 49th state in 2015. While Alaska is indeed a very large place, the resources for tourism products and services are relatively limited due to a number of factors like operating costs, geography, and seasons. […]

KTVA Daybreak for January: Alaska winter getaways for the whole family

AKontheGO’s first-Thursday appearance on KTVA 11’s Daybreak program was delayed by a week due to the New Year’s Day holiday, but that just gave me an extra few days to find some pretty sweet places to take the family for a post-holiday getaway. Do you need one? I sure do; the combination of events, shopping, […]

Alaska Marine Highway Unaccompanied Minor Policy: AKontheGO weighs in

Yesterday, the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Department of Transportation issued a new policy regarding unaccompanied minors traveling aboard their ferries. As of November 20, 2014, all children under the age of 18 must travel with a parent, legal guardian, or other individual at least 18 years of age who also carries a notarized letter […]

Alaska Toolkit for Safety: The parents’ guide when lights go out

I woke up this morning to the sound of tree branches and ice whipping against the windows of my hotel room. Ensconsed in a marketing retreat for the Alaska Travel Industry Association, I have been in Fairbanks since Wednesday morning, watching and waiting as mother nature went a little bezerk. Fairbanks was nearly paralyzed for […]

Alaska Airlines Q400 Update: I flew the Bombardier

While my trip to the Big Sky State last week was not under the most joyful of circumstances, I did have the opportunity to fly aboard an Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Bombardier Q400, the very same type of aircraft scheduled for arrival on the Anchorage-Fairbanks run starting March, 2014. And that made me happy, dear AKontheGO’ers, […]

RV Travel Made Simple for Families, Part II

Intrepid AKontheGO’ers know how much we talk about preparation, because Alaska travel requires not only thoughtful planning for the trip at hand, but also long before the airplane ever touches down on the runway or one receives keys to the rental car; and that includes the RV. RRRRRRVVVV – the motor home, camper, or otherwise […]

Alaska Family Travel Resources – How to find AKontheGO

Social media circles, pages, boards, and tweety things; it’s all important for the informed reader, these days. It’s been quite a while since we shared the various resources and options for Alaska family travel, so check out our ideas, below. Whether you Pin or Tweet, AKontheGO is still Alaska’s finest (we think so, anyway) family […]

A Big, Blue Opportunity for Family Travel

This would be a great day to read a book of poetry. It is National Poetry Month, and we did just give away a copy of Sea Star Wishes: Poems from the Coast, thanks to Sasquatch Books in Seattle. It is also snowing in Anchorage, big, white, fluffy flakes so full of water it’s a […]