Alaska Communications Summer of Heroes

  Pardon the interruption of summer weather and warm, sunny days <—-I’m about to melt over here in East Anchorage, by the way. Anyone have a Popcicle? Alaska Communications just called (see what I did there?) and wanted me to remind all youth between 6-18 that the Summer of Heroes nominating window will close on […]

Give the Gift of Stewardship this Christmas, Near or Far

There’s an awful lot of discussion in our house lately about “getting.” What someone got for his birthday, what he might get for Christmas, what he wants to get from his grandparents. Getting, gonna get, got. At 10, AK Kid’s lists are also becoming more sophisticated, and more specific, causing AK Dad and I to […]

Dawn Dish Soap & a Day in the Wildlife: Making a difference

Alaskans will not soon forget the image; thousands of sea birds and marine creatures floundering in mucky, sticky, foul-smelling oil drizzled and dumped in pristine Prince William Sound after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Some were saved, but many, many were not. I didn’t really care, then, that a dish soap played a part. […]