Fun Friday Festivities, All the Way from Washington!

I’m shaking off my Marmot Precip raincoat this morning, courtesy of our friends at REI. I’m thankful for it, since our days in the greater Seattle area have been drippy, droppy, and downright pour-y. Snow spattered our windshield on the way home from the wonderful Museum of Flight, and AK Kid has been happy to […]

Little Hill Means Big Fun for Military Families

It’s never easy to move from one place to another, AK Fam knows. Pulling up roots, however temporary, is painful, and for kids it can be doubly so. Just ask AK Dad. The product of a Navy and Red Cross Field Manager father, he was transported from one state or foreign country so often during […]

Fun, Fun, and More Fun This Friday!

Welcome to the long weekend, AKontheGO’ers! It’s here, it’s snowing, and it’ a great three days (four, if your kids are out of school today) for rollicking, rolling, outdoor fun. We’re just brimming with recreational bounty today, courtesy of the great folks who remember to send event and activity updates to our calendar email, […]

Wild Wednesday and the Great Outdoors!

I’ll be jiggered if this isn’t just the best Wild Wednesday of them all. The sun is up, the coffee is hot, and AKontheGO pal Dallas Seavey just won the Yukon Quest sled dog race into Fairbanks. Dallas was a guest on the Alaska Travelgram Show last month and of course that makes him our […]

Fun Friday From the Field

I’m still down here in Salt Lake City, where temperatures hovered near 6 above the past few mornings. Yes, colder than Alaska. Go figure. But, I am paying close attention to all things 49th State and have a wild and wintery lineup of fun for those in the southcentral area. It’s all outside, friends,with guaranteed […]