Walking Juneau With Kids

by Erin Kirkland This story originally appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News on 4/18/2017 There is no place quite like Juneau. Nestled in the Alaska Panhandle, with long, narrow Gastineau Channel on one side and the towering mounts Roberts and Juneau on the other, the city makes the most of its unique and scenic location. […]

Juneau’s Silverbow Inn: Boutique style, family-friendly atmosphere

It’s one blustery, wet, and snowy weekend here in Juneau, Alaska, but AK Dad, Kid, and I are snuggled up tight in the Silverbow Inn, weather be darned. After a wild ride from Anchorage, when it seemed doubtful we’d even get here (and that’s another story altogether), settling in sounded awfully good. The Silverbow is […]