Spring Begins at the Reindeer Farm in Palmer

Farm life is rich in hands-on experiences, especially for today’s children. Farm tourism is a thing, and it’s booming from one end of the United States to the other, including right here in Alaska. Whether families pick vegetables together, pat bunnies, or livestock cross a pasture, a few hours spent investigating the living bounties from […]

Williams Reindeer Farm Provides an Early Mother’s Day Gift

Each spring, when the leaves are just beginning to unfurl, and robins twitter around in my backyard, I get a call from Denise at the Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer. “Babies are on the way, when would you like to come out?” I love babies of any species, but there’s just something so endearing about […]

Get Wild in Alaska: Five spots for viewing animals in the Last Frontier

Springtime in Alaska means the arrival of youngsters; human or otherwise. Our large animals, particularly bears and moose, are popular attractions for visitors of the 49th state, and we are constantly asked about the best places to view both. Who doesn’t love baby animals? Whether furred or feathered, most of us have a soft spot […]