Mount McKinley Princess Lodge Puts Kids on Top for Fun

It’s hard to convince the non-cruising crowd of the value found in a lodge owned and operated by a cruise line. Especially when those non-cruisers are fellow Alaskans; but I’m going to do my best. And, my best will be even better for those who do cruise, do like structure in their family vacation, and […]

See the Alaska State Fair: It’s the weekend!

We did it, AKontheGO’ers. We made it through the first three days of the 2013-2014 school year with a minimum of angst. Now, it’s time to celebrate. The Alaska State Fair opened on Thursday, and runs unchecked through Monday, September 2, with games, rides, livestock, and those enormous Alaska vegetables on display. This weekend, in […]

Take Your Youth on a ‘Quest’ at McKinley Princess

It’s so refreshing when major tour operators who normally cater, unabashedly, to the older traveler pay attention to kids. I can say that because AK Fam has experienced two of the Big Boys in cruise and tour companies and wish to pay homage to one, Princess Lodges, for a new activity at McKinley Princess Lodge near […]

McKinley Princess Lodge: Kid-Friendly Activities

AK Fam appreciates anyplace that offers activities, structured or free-range for kids to explore and inquire about their natural surroundings. Even though Princess Lodges does not host a large percentage of children (most cruise ship passengers are still adults), the McKinley Princess did offer a fair number of things that made our kid, and those […]

McKinley Princess Lodge Treats Visitors to a Mountain

I tell ya, it does this AK Mom’s heart good to experience warm welcomes to locals. From the second we arrived at McKinley Princess Lodge near Trapper Creek, where the “Great One” Denali was showing off her 20,320 foot splendor, AK Fam felt right at home. Located at Mile 133 of the Parks Highway and […]