Spring Begins at the Reindeer Farm in Palmer

Farm life is rich in hands-on experiences, especially for today’s children. Farm tourism is a thing, and it’s booming from one end of the United States to the other, including right here in Alaska. Whether families pick vegetables together, pat bunnies, or livestock cross a pasture, a few hours spent investigating the living bounties from […]

Alaska Farmers Markets: Fresh, local, and more available than you think

This time of year, Alaska settles into the busy pace of planting and gathering, even this far north. Summer may be short in the Last Frontier, but 12 hours of daylight (or more) means a unique form of gardening and agriculture that results in amazing produce. As is AKontheGO’s style to promote aspects of the […]

Navigating the Alaska State Fair With Kids: Alaska Dispatch News

This article originally appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News August 28, 2015. Make sure you keep tabs on my weekly column, “Kids in the Outdoors,” normally appearing on Tuesdays in the ADN Sports and Outdoors section. This week we moved in honor of our fair-themed musings. You can find the KIO column easily by hitting […]

Williams Reindeer Farm Provides an Early Mother’s Day Gift

Each spring, when the leaves are just beginning to unfurl, and robins twitter around in my backyard, I get a call from Denise at the Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer. “Babies are on the way, when would you like to come out?” I love babies of any species, but there’s just something so endearing about […]

Take a Tour of a Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

  With a call not unlike that of a bear cub, the little musk ox calf staggered toward the fence line, eager for his share of the proffered fistful of grass from an eager young visitor. “Always hungry,” said our tour guide. “Always, always hungry. That’s all they want these days – food.” I had […]

Riding the Trails at Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer

Rain was falling in sheets as I carefully guided my trusty steed along the muddy (not dusty) trails near the Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer. It was one of the wettest days on record for Southcentral Alaska; so wet, in fact, that even my raingear couldn’t keep up with the steady deposit of water on […]

Family Fun Friday in Alaska, and a Travelgram Podcast

Summer travel in Alaska is heating up, AKontheGO’ers! The cruise ships are in, tours are starting, and everywhere, Alaska is in bloom with tons of activities; the perfect time for a website launch, wouldn’t you say? That’s right, only 21 days until AKontheGO sports a new look, and you’re invited to watch it all happen […]

Fun Friday in Alaska: It’s Looking a Lot Like Christmas!

Dashing through the snow, ho, ho, ho, and mistletoe! Welcome to another beautiful Fun Friday in Alaska, courtesy of Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kiddos since 1982. This weekend is FULL, folks. So full, in fact, I’m not even sure Santa could keep up, much less a coffee-deprived mother from Anchorage who is still […]

Fun Friday Rocks for Celebrating Mothers and Spring

There is so much information to share today regarding the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend of special events, activities, and outdoor fun that we’re going to take a different tack; instead of listing events by day, we’re going to list by category, giving your family a chance to choose by interest. It goes without saying, however, […]