Vacation or Necessity? Family travel matters, either way

It’s been a strange summer of firsts and lasts, of accomplishment and utter exhaustion, which is why I’m only getting to this story now, at the end of August. AK Kid – who recently announced he doesn’t want me to call him that anymore – graduated 8th grade in May and promptly jetted off to […]

Traveling With Another Family – Win, Win?

As a child, few vacations held such appeal for fun than those embarked upon with another family. Ready-made playmates besides my brother and sister, campfires, canoe excursions, and the absolute sparkling gem; riding in someone else’s car for a few hours while caravaning across the Pacific Northwest. We woke up each morning to toast and […]

Family-Friendly Oregon, the AKontheGO Way

Precious, that’s what it is. Retracing highway miles and steps walked by AK Dad and me, years and years ago. After too many summers of saying “I wish we could…” we finally are. Beginning in our favorite Pacific Northwest city of Portland, and looping south, east, north, then west, AKontheGO is taking our youngest traveler […]

Wild Wednesday and a Travelgram Show Recap

This morning I’m sitting in full view of the gorgeous Willamette River, watching ducks and geese and the occasional osprey make the most of this gorgeous morning. AK Fam decided late last night that we needed to make a trip to Hood River, about 80 miles east of Portland along the mighty Columbia River. The […]