Memorial Day in Anchorage

While most of you may be celebrating Memorial Day weekend with camping trips and family barbecues, do you know the reason behind this historic, rather somber holiday? Actually commemorated to remember those who died serving the United States in the Civil War between 1861 and 1865, Memorial Day was first officially celebrated first in Waterloo, […]

Remembering the Fallen: Memorial Day in Southcentral Alaska

Alaska is a state with deep ties to the military. From WWII to present day, service men and women have defended our country and lives with the utmost in dedication, and sometimes with the ultimate sacrifice. Today is Memorial Day, and rather than provide AKontheGO readers with a list of the best picnic spots or […]

Fun Friday in Nature’s Own Theme Park

A funny realization hit me last night on the return flight from Southern California via jetBlue. After three days of Magic Kingdom, sunshine, and pampering by the good folks at Disney, I wanted to come home. In the same way legions of children lit up when Mickey or Cinderella came walking up to greet them […]