K’esugi Ken Campground a Treasure For Family Outings

I’ve traveled the Parks Highway a multitide of times during my 12-year tenure as an Alaska resident, and I always appreciate the landscape outside my window. But shortly past Trapper Creek – across the Chulitna river, where the green of Interior tundra starts to combine with brushy alder and willow, sits a new slice of […]

‘Dream a Dream’ with Musher Vern Halter

A dedicated AKontheGO’er recently shared with us her impressions of visiting Iditarod musher Vern Halter’s working sled dog compound just outside Houston, and I’m thinking this could be the next hot AK Fam fun tour. Dream a Dream Dog Farm, operated by Halter and his wife, Susan, have had their multi-faceted facility since 1998, and […]