Five Alaska Activities For Smaller Children: Part Three

We wind up our Alaska tour with wee ones in the southeastern section of the state. “Southeast,” as it is called by Alaskans, is that panhandle-shaped, rainforested area where most visitors capture their first images of the 49th state. Cruisers will certainly spend the majority of sailing time in this region, moving through the gorgeous […]

Snowshoeing Alaska: No Experience Required

Got your hippety-hop on, this morning? You’ll sure need it to get anywhere in the 49th state, lately. There’s more snow than most of us have seen in a long time, and aside from shoveling it all into an enormous cone-shaped configuration in the front yard, one activity in particular comes to mind – snowshoeing. […]

Alaska Experience, 2011: AKontheGO Reviews the Year

This was going to be a typical “Top Five” list.  AK Fam had already engaged in a number of spirited conversations, arguing and pleading and lobbying for favorite destinations to achieve AKontheGO-greatness. But we couldn’t agree. AK Dad, Kid, and I were busy in 2011, traveling in all directions to expand our sense of adventure, […]

Visiting Alaska? Take the Kids to These Great Museums

With a windchill of -20 at AK Hacienda this morning, my thoughts are drifting to indoor family fun across the 49th state. Alaska is home to a bevy of beautiful and unique museums that are certain to inspire, teach, and entertain the entire family on a vacation north. I promise. JUNEAU: We visited the Juneau-Douglas […]

Whales and Wildlife in Juneau: Orca Enterprises Teaches and Entertains

Alaskans do love their critters. From creekside to tundra, sea to shining sea, animals are an integral part of Alaska’s beautiful tapestry. Why, just this morning I witnessed a mammoth traffic jam due to a mama moose and her yearling calf ambling across a major Anchorage arterial; where else could one find that on the […]

Family Hiking Atop Juneau’s Mount Roberts

Alaska’s capital city offers more than the usual walking tours and visits to area museums. Our three-day stop in Juneau was full of both, but sometimes a family’s just gotta get outdoors with good old mother nature. Kids, especially, need a chance to work off some steam while on a family vacation to Alaska, so […]

Alaskans and Northern Hospitality: It’s All Here

If there was one aspect of family travel in Alaska I’d shout from the mountaintops, it would be in praise of the hundreds kind people I’ve met during my criss-crossing of the 49th state. People who truly do exemplify the definition of friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s partly due to the nature of Alaska; hospitality […]

A Golden Welcome to Alaska’s Capital City

From the second our Alaska Airlines 737-400 thumped upon the tarmac of Juneau’s airport, the day was shrouded in gray. Gray, but not dismal. Not by a long shot. AK Fam’s two-week land and sea excursion through the scenic Inside Passage area of southeast Alaska began today with our arrival in Alaska’s capital city, Juneau. […]

Mighty Mendenhall Glacier Awaits Your Inspection in Juneau

Probably the most visited, photographed, and inspected hunk of ice in all of Alaska, mighty Mendenhall glacier is front and center for AK Fam’s capital city visit next week. Easily accessible, beautiful to look at, and with a marvelous intrepretive center to boot, Mendenhall has been thrilling guests at her icy flanks since the visitor […]