2015 Iditarod Fun Facts

Iditarod 2015 begins in T-minus 48 hours, and already the excitement around Alaska is palpable. Every team (and there are 78 of them) has been checked by an army of veterinarians, mushers are right now sitting in a meeting to talk about final details, and the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks are making final preparations […]

Iditarod Re-Start in Fairbanks: Six ideas for family fun

It’s all settled; the 2015 Iditarod Sled Dog Race will officially begin in Fairbanks, Alaska. Hotel reservations have been made, flights are booked, and now you can focus on what to do after the dogs depart the starting line on Monday, March 8. For Anchorage families, this is extremely convenient, as spring break will be […]

Iditarod 2015: What you need to know right now

With recent news that the Iditarod 2015 restart will now occur in Fairbanks, the past 24 hours have been a frenetic race of its own by visitors, volunteers, media, and mushers. While the announcement was not entirely unexpected, it was five minutes of utter chaos to the thousands of individuals involved in the Last Great […]

Iditarod 2014: Family-Friendly Viewing

Mush on, you huskies! It’s barely three days until the start of Iditarod 2014, when 70+ teams of 20+ dogs and one human apiece will depart from downtown Anchorage for more than 1,000 miles of Alaska backcountry mushing. In its 42nd year, the Iditarod is known as the “Last Great Race,” and a great one […]

Iditarod 2014 Start Updates: Where will it be?

It’s a winter of extremes in the United States; everywhere, it seems, but Alaska. After a brilliant start to our longest season, winter seems to have deserted the Last Frontier for southern climates, leaving 49th state residents scratching their heads in disbelief. In the case of Iditarod 2014, however, head-scratching is being followed by a […]

Support Make-A-Wish Kid Hannah! (Shhhh, it’s a surprise)

This is going to be a fast post, AKontheGO friends, because I don’t want Wish Kid Hannah to catch on to our idea. See, I spent yesterday with Hannah and her incredible family, and it became evident right away that this kid is one cool cat. Hannah has wanted to learn about mushing since she […]

Alaska’s Winter Festivals Great for Families

Mid-winter has arrived in Alaska, and though this time of year typically sends a rush of residents to Hawaii or Mexico, it also marks the beginning of winter festival season. The fun starts this weekend in Anchorage and migrates north toward Fairbanks, and even those who don’t like cold can’t argue with the beauty of […]

Iditarod and Kids: “Woof, Ruff, Yippeee!”

I remember a story in my fourth grade reader about the Serum Run to Nome during the great diptheria outbreak of 1925. Balto and his fellow pups became forever etched in my mind that day, so when AK Fam made the big move to Alaska in 2005, my first order of business was to introduce […]

Fun Friday Festivities, All the Way from Washington!

I’m shaking off my Marmot Precip raincoat this morning, courtesy of our friends at REI. I’m thankful for it, since our days in the greater Seattle area have been drippy, droppy, and downright pour-y. Snow spattered our windshield on the way home from the wonderful Museum of Flight, and AK Kid has been happy to […]