Weekend Winners in Alaska: Hiking, Birding, and Happy Families

The weekend has arrived, let the happy dancing commence! Welcome to our weekly roundup of Family Fun in Alaska, brought to you by Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kiddos since 1982. Every day the AKontheGO email-box (togoak@gmail.com) is filling up with suggestions, events, and information crucial to outdoor fam fun. While our Calendar of […]

AK Fam’s Weekend Winners, and SNOW?

Oh, mercy, was that indeed a snowflake I saw floating on the chilly breeze this afternoon?? Looks like Old Mom Winter (that’s what we call it, anyway) is about to come calling. Perfect timing, families, for a little weekend fun with the kiddos. Our weekend o’ harvest fun is proudly sponsored by the ever-supportive Alaska […]

Fabulous Fall Activities in Southcentral Alaska

Frost is on the pumpkins here in Alaska; time to break out the hats, mittens, and boots for an autumn of outdoor family fun! With the proper gear, visitors to the 49th state can enjoy a full harvest of family travel, even if the thermometer reads “FREEZING.” Below is a list of AKontheGO’s top picks […]

A Cosmic Fun Friday From Homer!

AK Fam is resting comfortably now after a heart-stopping tsunami warning that sent our cozy cottage of family and friends scrambling up the hill Thursday evening. Poor AK Kid, he was just settling down for the night when we rousted him, sleeping bag and all, and stuffed him into the truck. I think this calls […]

Wassup Wednesday? Important Dates and Places in Alaska

I’m just not sure if it could possibly get any gloomier and/or chillier outside this morning. Really. Even the flowers are shivering. Wednesday, June 15 is a good day to rehash and regroup during a busy summer, so that’s just what we’re gonna do. Important dates and events to remember, that sort of thing… FIRST: […]

AKontheGO’s Top Trips of 2010

You’ve been waiting and waiting for AK Fam to come up with our favorite places of 2010, I just know it. Thank you for your patience; the process has been complex, detailed, and involved serious discussion around the dinner table. It’s not easy deciphering a six year-old’s manner of deduction, after all, but we are […]


All the extended family has arrived in Alaska for their introduction to summer in the 49th State. Why yes, it is still raining, but in the spirit of walking my talk as far as outdoor adventures go, I’m bundling up, wrapping people in rainsuits and rubber boots, and heading out. Fortunately for all of us, […]

Fun Friday for Solstice

It’s just so good to be back in Alaska looking at the incredible amount of family fun scheduled for the weekend. It’s Solstice, the one day a year when our sunshine (I know it is up there someplace) refuses to go down at all and kids everywhere rejoice. It’s also a weekend for tons of […]

Fun Friday, School’s Out!

Oh my goodness, another school year has come and gone, and hopefully our kids are all the wiser for it. This is the time of year when  my mom would gather the three of us together and have a little chat about the rules of the road for summer vacation. Usually it went something like […]