Five Alaska Hotels We Love For Families

When I was but a wee traveler, my parents would pack the Volkswagen Bus with all sorts of gear and putt-putter around the Pacific Northwest in search of destinations to inspire their offspring. Most of those, I realize now, came from the size of the hotel swimming pool, taste of their silver dollar pancakes, or […]

Fall in Alaska Means Kid-Friendly Fun

While this weekend typically marks an end to another Alaska summer, plenty of family-friendly options remain for children and parents to explore, indoors and out. Whether vacationing in Alaska, or simply searching for a way to keep kids active, many attractions throughout the state are keeping their doors open for a little fall fun. Best […]

Homer, Alaska: Family Fun at the End of the Road

*Sponsored Post* When Monte Davis of the Homer Chamber of Commerce first asked if AKontheGO would consider listing the entire community as a “Family Friendly Business”, I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback. Could one town really meet the standards of AKontheGO-ness, offering kid-friendly activities, food, lodging, and atmosphere, everywhere? Hmmm, I said. I’ll […]

Fun Friday: What’s a Dad To Do in Alaska? Everything!

We love AK Dad. He’s warm, fuzzy, and a ton of fun to have along when traveling. The best thing about AK Dad, though, is a truly authentic, utterly adorable love for his boys. It’s not easy, sometimes, with one son lurking on the fringe of adulthood in a state far, far, away, and another […]

Sum-Sum-Summertime in Alaska: Fun Friday Starts Now!

AK Dad and I are celebrating the last day of school in San Diego (aren’t we naughty, missing AK Kid’s departure from first grade?), attending commissioning ceremonies for the U.S.S. San Diego, in preparation for Anchorage’s own ship commissioning of the U.S.S. Anchorage in 2013. It’s a pretty special opportunity, my friends, and you’ll be […]

Fun Friday for April 13: A Lucky Day of Alaska Family Fun

I prefer to remain positive about days like Friday the 13th. Who could think anything otherwise with such glorious sunshine outside, and temperatures warming into the low 50’s? It’s Fun Friday once again, and AKontheGO has some lovely ideas for getting the fam outside this weekend, plus a special event honoring our veterans. Fun Friday […]

Five Great Activities in Alaska For Smaller Children: Part One

If ever there was an age group who stumps vacationing parents, it would be the preschool-and-younger crowd, especially for a destination like Alaska. Besides the mere act of actually getting to the 49th state, moms and dads want to know that a bona fide meaningful experience awaits the entire family, not just those who happen […]

Welcome to Fun Friday at AKontheGO!

Whew, are we ever glad to see Friday pop up like a spring crocus. Such a week! Between chipping away six inches of ice from my driveway and encouraging water running from my gutters to flow away from the house and not into the baasement, I’m pooped. I’m also ready for a little family fun; […]

Fun Friday! Sled Dogs, Snowshoes, and Science for Alaska Families

Aloha! AK Fam is winding up 10 days of Island Paradise. Dare I say – I am homesick for my wintery wonderland of Alaska? All reports of warming temperatures and falling snow make for perfect family fun this weekend, and we’ve got it right here, not to mention a little bit of Hawai’i to make […]

Aloha, Alaska! A Tropical Fun Friday From AKontheGO

Tropical greetings from the lush, humid, and oh-so-incredibly-warm island of Oahu! This was our breakfast this morning; famous Hawaiian sweet bread, fresh fruit, and Kona coffee. Delish! We now return you to your regularly schedule Alaska-themed Fun Friday, with many wonderful opportunities to hop outside and enjoy wintertime with your kids. I’ve been innundated with […]

Snowshoeing Alaska: No Experience Required

Got your hippety-hop on, this morning? You’ll sure need it to get anywhere in the 49th state, lately. There’s more snow than most of us have seen in a long time, and aside from shoveling it all into an enormous cone-shaped configuration in the front yard, one activity in particular comes to mind – snowshoeing. […]