10 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Alaska (a New Normal?)

For the second year in a row, January dawned with showery, warm, and windy weather that brought the concept of an Alaska winter to a screeching halt. Throughout the state, conditions have been wild and wacky, with fluctuating temperatures that are causing many residents and visitors to ask “Is this our new normal?” This afternoon […]

Girdwood: A perfect destination for late-summer family fun

With every passing day, Alaska creeps closer to autumn and families start thinking about school, sports, and the end of what was a spectacular summer, weather-wise. At least around here, the long trips are completed, and AKontheGO is settling in to a comfortable routine of preparing for another interesting and adventurous fall and winter. But […]

Crossing Southcentral Alaska’s Crow Pass

AKontheGO correspondent Mariah Brashar recently hiked the Crow Pass Trail with her mom. If you’ve not had the opportunity to travel this historic trail, Mariah’s post provides a click-by-click description of the experience.  Crow Pass National Historic Trail — have you heard of it? I hadn’t, despite my status as a lifelong Alaskan, until just […]

Treat Kids to an Unusual Experience in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor

  Note: This article originally appeared in the Anchorage Daily News on July 10, 2015.  Standing at the crest of a grassy knoll strewn with wildflowers and the beginnings of a berry patch, my son and I momentarily forgot where we were. The sweeping meadows and craggy cliffs of Ireland, perhaps, making our way to the […]

Fall Fun in Portage Valley: Alaska family fun continues after school starts

It’s not often Labor Day weekend delivers blue sky and warmish temperatures. In fact, I think I can recall one or two in the 10 years we’ve lived in Alaska. So call me crazy, but the thought of packing up my kid and kaboodle last weekend and purposely driving into the heart of Portage Valley […]

Hiking the ‘Un-Trails’ of Southeast Alaska

It seems strange not to be dressed in XtraTufs and my favorite knit cap on a Tuesday. Last week, and the week before, Tuesday found me with a plethora of young, active guests aboard the Un-Cruise Adventures vessel Wilderness Adventurer, sailing around the hidden nooks and crannies of southeast Alaska. I’m home this week, catching […]

Whatcom County Full of Family-Friendliness

I’ve known about Whatcom County and the city of Bellingham since I was a kid. We passed through town on our way to Canada, and I visited the forested campus of nearby Western Washington University during my pre-college years, trying to make a decision that would secure my future. Funny how much I missed. Ever […]

Getting ‘Frozen’ in Alaska With the Kids: Best places to find snow and ice

Did you hear there’s a new movie that features our favorite frozen material? If you have kids, you’ve undoubtedly been badgered to attend a showing of Disney’s epic tale of love and life in the snow. And, as often happens when a film depicts someplace romantically mysterious and highly adventurous, I’m betting my mukluks Alaska […]

Hiking Arctic Valley near Anchorage: Bring the kids!

It is a gift indeed that our family lives so close to alpine tundra. Growing up in the temperate, lowland forests near Seattle, it was more often than not hikes included a slog through wetlands that smelled of skunk cabbage, peat, and spicy old growth timber. Delightful? Oh, yes, it was (and still is), but […]

A Taste of Spring; and AK Mom Walks Memory Lane Near Seattle

Green, green, and more green. That’s what we notice more than anything else. The green, cushy moss AK Kid likes to jump on in his grandparents’ front yard, the darker green of Red Cedar and Douglas Fir and Hemlock towering above us, and the itty bitty green leaves just making an appearance on the end […]

Alyeska Resort Adds New Tread to Old Favorites

Ski season is over and there is no good reason to go to Alyeska anymore, right? Oh no, no, no, my AKontheGOers, there’s still plenty of mountain fun at the Girdwood resort’s miles and miles of open terrain, and most of it is perfect for the fam. While attending a trade show a month or […]