USS Anchorage Family Hike on Friday!

AK Fam just returned from the wonderful Dock at the Block event to celebrate the arrival of the USS Anchorage to our fair city. She sailed into port this morning, and it’s been non-stop work and play since then, as you can see by our photo gallery, above… As promised, here are the details for […]

Springtime Hikes Near Anchorage: Plenty of family fun

We’ve made a concerted effort to hike our way through this Alaska spring. AK Dad, Kid, Dogs, and I have spent the past month visiting and re-visiting some Anchorage favorites. The weather gods have smiled upon us as well, delivering four sun-splashed weekends for Alaska family fun, hiking-style. Spring is a great season in which […]

Mighty Mendenhall Glacier Awaits Your Inspection in Juneau

Probably the most visited, photographed, and inspected hunk of ice in all of Alaska, mighty Mendenhall glacier is front and center for AK Fam’s capital city visit next week. Easily accessible, beautiful to look at, and with a marvelous intrepretive center to boot, Mendenhall has been thrilling guests at her icy flanks since the visitor […]