Visit Hawai’i: You’ll be fine

First the cracks appeared in local streets in a corner of Hawai’i, often accompanied by earthquakes that rattled nerves. The fissures widened, local officials put metal plates over them and warned residents to stay away — something big was happening. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, where a cauldron of bubbling molten rock simmered all day and […]

HoloHolo Adventures: See the Big Island your way

As AKontheGO works toward a future of tropical family travel adventures to compliment our Alaskan style, Hawai’i is a natural step. The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian islands, and the most diverse, with about 15 of the world’s ecosystems right here within the scope of its 4,028 square miles (as a side […]

Find Your Aloha: Hawaii on a budget

Winter is prime time for many Alaska families to pack the flip-flops, shorts, and tees and fly to the Islands of Hawaii. AKontheGO contributor Danielle Benson did just that with her three kids, and found many budget-friendly options that pleased her tweenage crew.  by Danielle Benson I’ve long dreamed of the day my kids would […]

Hawaii Dengue Fever Outbreak: Should you be worried?

Mosquitoes are pesky little critters, and we Alaskans should know, since much of our  summer is spent in creative ways to deter and detect these tiny, whiny insects that dine upon tender skin. Now, one of our favorite warm-weather destinations appears to be under siege from a variety of the buggar that seems hell-bent on […]

UnCruise Hawai’i with AKontheGO

The family travel and tourism industry thrives when businesses collaborate and create partnerships to not only expand their products or offerings, but the overall experience of young visitors to a particular destination. It takes work, though, to nurture these partnerships and effort to implement a vision, and not every business is willing to go so […]

Alaska to Hawaii: AK Fam’s Study in Contrast

Squinting in the early afternoon sun, AK Kid peered through the window of our bright red Jeep at the glittering shoreline. The dereliction of our parental duty became obvious soon after as he tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “That’s not snow, right?” Oops. Guess we’ve been in the 49th state a little too […]

Aloha, Alaska! A Tropical Fun Friday From AKontheGO

Tropical greetings from the lush, humid, and oh-so-incredibly-warm island of Oahu! This was our breakfast this morning; famous Hawaiian sweet bread, fresh fruit, and Kona coffee. Delish! We now return you to your regularly schedule Alaska-themed Fun Friday, with many wonderful opportunities to hop outside and enjoy wintertime with your kids. I’ve been innundated with […]