Tips for Camping in Alaska

I locked the door on the AKontheGO trailer for the last time yesterday after carting armloads of outdoor clothing, bedding, and cans of food to a winter resting place in a closet under the stairs. Bittersweet packing this first week of autumn, with yellow leaves skittering across the roof and snow falling on way-back mountain […]

Family RV Adventures start with Great Alaskan Holidays

(Sponsored post) I never actually thought I’d be an RV owner. Growing up with parents who were firm believers in the “tent-or-nothing” style of camping, an RV of any make, model, or style seemed out of reach. In fact, I briefly went through a period of time when I actually teased friends who owned RVs […]

Great Alaskan Holidays and Your 2014 RV Adventure

Every time we pull into the parking lot of Great Alaskan Holidays in Anchorage, the clamoring begins. “Whennnnnnnn can we rent an RV? I wanna rent an RV this summer!” AK Kid loves RV travel, so much in fact that he has a working knowledge of chassis and dinette configurations, and can do a pretty […]

Bring the Entire Family to Alaska: Multi-gen is still hot

Recent survey results generated by the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) suggest that families traveling with multiple generations find the Last Frontier a pretty hospitable place. Surprising? Perhaps not, when one considers the factors involved in Alaska’s travel scene. While Alaska visitors still average around the 50+ age mark, this also provides an excellent foundation […]

RV Travel Made Simple for Families, Part II

Intrepid AKontheGO’ers know how much we talk about preparation, because Alaska travel requires not only thoughtful planning for the trip at hand, but also long before the airplane ever touches down on the runway or one receives keys to the rental car; and that includes the RV. RRRRRRVVVV – the motor home, camper, or otherwise […]

Alaska RV Travel Made (more) Simple for Families PART I

Alaska’s open roads are a siren song for many 49th state travelers. Scenery, wildlife, and abundant recreation upon a whim – it’s all there, without a tour bus in sight. Dad at the wheel, mom operating the GPS and snapping casually-orchestrated Facebook photos of the kids teetering on the edge of a glacial moraine or […]