Great Gear: MyCharge AdventureUltra a great choice

For all my drum-banging for unplugging the family during outdoor adventures, there is an exception when it comes to certain things. I don’t often review gear, but when MyCharge sent along the AdventureUltra just as we (and some friends) were headed out for a multi-day camping trip, I grabbed the box at the last second […]

ATT Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: Sturdy and durable for busy families

A sponsored post on behalf of ATT. Move over, iPhone, Samsung’s got a sleek competitor jockeying for pole position in the smart device market. ATT provided me with a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active a few weeks ago, and it’s getting an Alaska-style workout. Remember that Kyocera DuraForce I tried out this summer? While I […]

Eight Must-Pack Items for Alaska Visitors

Packing for a journey can be a joy or a major source of frustration for many Alaska visitors. Unsure about geography, weather patterns, or scheduled activities, people tend to pack for the season at home and not that of the Last Frontier, resulting in uncomfortable experiences at best, and dangerous scenarios at worst. Personally, I […]