“There’s No Place Like Nome!” With Nome Discovery Tours

There isn’t, you know, anyplace like Nome. I’ve been to many places in Alaska, and Nome is a character among characters, as towns go. It’s not much to look at, frankly, this village-by-the-sea. Clustering 3,500 residents close to the shores of the Bering Sea, Nome is a neat grid of dusty streets made famous by […]

Fun Friday: Spring Has Sprung!

Is your family doing the Springtime Happy Dance? We are, mostly because it’s light enough at 7 a.m. that AK Kid bounces out of bed with more enthusiasm than we’ve seen in months. Now that’s something to celebrate. While an Alaskan Break Up does present it’s own unique set of outdoor challenges for families, there […]

“May We Have Your Attention…” Safety Briefings for Family Travel

Japan’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in 2011 created a shift of thinking in my mind about safer family travel, and that Yes, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Friends in Japan, hundreds of miles away from the quake’s actual location lost power all day on Friday, March 11; Alaskans vacationing in Hawaii spent the night […]

Extended Family Travel and the Well-Being of Our Children

Here’s a blog post on my family site, Elituq-She is Learning, about the Harrison family and their journey across America on their big old quint bicycle. People have differing opinions about extended family trips and the positive or negative effects on kids. Here’s my take. Read it HERE, and let us know what you think […]

Mahay’s Jet Boats Blast Upriver for a Look Inside Alaska

It’s an opportunity to see Alaska from her heart. Rivers and waterways are vital to the people of the 49th state; for food, transportation, and industry. Without them we are paralyzed. Wintertime provides access to areas remote, summer provides a subsistence bounty unmatched anywhere else. Back in the 1800’s, rivers in interior Alaska and the […]

Bear Safety for Families: Notes and News

Thanks to all who attended our Bear Safety for Families class last night at Campbell Creek Science Center. It was a great evening just full of useful information about staying safe while recreating with our kids. About 40 people showed up to listen to Bear Instructors Elizabeth Manning of the AK Dept. of Fish and […]

McKinley Princess Lodge Treats Visitors to a Mountain

I tell ya, it does this AK Mom’s heart good to experience warm welcomes to locals. From the second we arrived at McKinley Princess Lodge near Trapper Creek, where the “Great One” Denali was showing off her 20,320 foot splendor, AK Fam felt right at home. Located at Mile 133 of the Parks Highway and […]

Kids Cruise Free with a Puffin Pass Deal!

There’s still time to discover a little Alaskan wildness via the Prince William Sound Wilderness Explorer Cruises from Whittier. The best part? Kids cruise FREE through June 30, 2010 if you book by May 31, 2010. This is a $70 savings, folks. Lunch and a guided narration is included for the six-hour trip, from 11 […]

Alaska TravelGram and AKontheGO Meet at KUDO Today

It’s time again for AKontheGO to be hanging out with Scott McMurren of Alaska TravelGram on AM 1080 KUDO this afternoon at 2 p.m. This week Scott and Mindy have entrusted me with the studio Captain’s Chair, all by my lonesome, since both are away at their respective Northern and Southern destinations. We’ll be talking […]

Anchorage 411

As parents, we know that traveling with kids means snafus. Lots and lots of them, even. Forgotten items, lost stuffed animals, missing clothing; you name it, we’ve had it happen, right down to the underwear we forgot to pack for oldest AK Kid one summer. Oops. While attending a spring tourism event last week, I […]

Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity.  […]