Visiting Alaska? Take the Kids to These Great Museums

With a windchill of -20 at AK Hacienda this morning, my thoughts are drifting to indoor family fun across the 49th state. Alaska is home to a bevy of beautiful and unique museums that are certain to inspire, teach, and entertain the entire family on a vacation north. I promise. JUNEAU: We visited the Juneau-Douglas […]

AKontheGO’s Weekend Winners

AKontheGO may be working the travel biz down here in Juneau at the Alaska Travel Industry Association’s annual convention, but we still have your lineup of super family-friendly activities for the upcoming weekend. Remember that you can post your own event or activity via the “Calendar of Events” tab (above), or by sending us an […]

AK Fam Delighted By Autumn in Fairbanks

“Yes, but isn’t fall in Fairbanks just a bit boring?” This from a friend who had never attempted a northern trip to the Golden Heart City in any season other than summer. Truth be told, we hadn’t visited Fairbanks in autumn yet, either, so our mid-September journey was a bit of an unknown. I had […]

Leaf-Peeping In Alaska? Sure Thing!

Just look at it out there; pouring rain chilling even me this morning. Autumn is here, and overnight, it seems, the birch and cottonwood trees are flushing yellow. Right now is the perfect time to pack up the family and take a weekend road trip before snow falls and leaves become but a musty memory […]

Fairs and Festivals Take Center Stage on Fun Friday

The weekend has arrived, and so has the sunshine (finally!). I’m lucky; I am in Fairbanks getting Big AK Kid all set for school next week, and also taking adavantage of some events this Interior Alaska town has to offer before fall sets in. It’s sunny here, too, but I can already tell temperatures are […]

Have an “Ice” Day in Fairbanks: World Ice Art Championships

Since the entire nation appears gripped by ice and snow this morning, it feels appropriate to offer something more positive about frozen water. While ice is frequently the bad guy, tormenting commuters and homeowners and anyone who’s ever attempted to walk down steps without protection, the sport of ice carving retains its membership among a […]

Fun Friday and New Year Cheer

I am always more cheerful when the thermometer reads a number above say, zero, aren’t you? We’re breaking out the flip flops and beach towels this morning, though, as a warm front sweeps across the mountains and AK Fam prepares for our New Year celebrations. Now where’s that sunscreen? Happy New Year! AKontheGO has everything […]

AKontheGO’s Top Trips of 2010

You’ve been waiting and waiting for AK Fam to come up with our favorite places of 2010, I just know it. Thank you for your patience; the process has been complex, detailed, and involved serious discussion around the dinner table. It’s not easy deciphering a six year-old’s manner of deduction, after all, but we are […]

“Countdown to Christmas” Continues…and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Monday! I am glad to say I am feeling fairly humanoid this morning after a week battling an influenza-type bug that put this AK Mom down. Whew, just in time for things to warm up, I’m back. A good thing, too, because AKontheGO is in the second week of our Countdown to Christmas fun, […]

A Riverboat Named Discovery: Fairbanks Fun Continues

Fairbanksians know that winter is but a puff of frosty breath away, but continue merrily on with summer until the first flakes of snow begin to fall. Even as the last gasp of what we know as summer grinds nearer and nearer to its end, it’s been a good one in Fairbanks; sunny skies and toasty-warm weather […]