Far North Winter Fun in Fairbanks: Bring the kids!

While friends lounge on a sandy beach, or pound their fists into well-worn baseball gloves at Spring Training games, you and your kids can be experiencing one of the best spring break destinations on the planet. Fairbanks is a pretty hot place for cool stuff involving the outdoors, and, thankfully, most of it is pretty […]

Fairbanks Museum Without Walls a Perfect Family Day

What fun to have AKontheGO correspondents across the state! Today we hear from Meadow Bailey of Fairbanks, PR pro and mom to two girls. Meadow and her crew are fans of the Fairbanks Children’s Museum, a “virtual museum” receiving rave reviews from Interior families. Why? Read Meadow’s review, and see if you don’t want to […]

Alaska’s Winter Festivals Great for Families

Mid-winter has arrived in Alaska, and though this time of year typically sends a rush of residents to Hawaii or Mexico, it also marks the beginning of winter festival season. The fun starts this weekend in Anchorage and migrates north toward Fairbanks, and even those who don’t like cold can’t argue with the beauty of […]

Alaska Road Trip Tips

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” ~Yogi Berra The concept of a family vacation a’la vehicle is time-honored and extremely popular tradition in Alaska. Particularly attractive to those who want to see as much of “real Alaska” as possible, on their own time, a 49th state road trip means loose […]

Alaska Boredom-Busters: Family Fun Stuff

We’re in the homestretch, parents, congratulate yourself on a vacation well-spent. Even though Alaska’s weather didn’t exactly cooperate, our family found many ways to enjoy two weeks of blissful togetherness. Well, mostly blissful. How about you? Need a little push to motivate the kids toward fun and frivolity before heading back to school? Try these […]

Winter, Alaska-Style: Family Fun and Holiday Highjinks

Oh, dear AKontheGO’ers, I have been pondering this post all day. Is it right to talk about smiling faces, bright shiny places, and beautiful moments of holiday joy in the midst of darkness and incomprehensible tragedy? While parents far across the country grieve their empty arms tonight, dare I share that all is calm, and […]

Give Thanks for a Bounty of Alaska Family Fun

It’s been a beautiful weekend, so far. Spending time with both my children, frolicking in the quiet, snowy forest, I am reminded once again what a blessed life I lead. It is my sincere hope that your weekend has been equally beautiful; let’s add to the fun, shall we? Alaska is ready to kick off […]

Fun Friday! Autumn Ideas for Alaska Family Time

Oh, the beauty of an Alaska fall morning! Just look outside at that slowly-rising sun, with just a smidgeon of twinkling stars above the mountains – it’s lovely, I tell you, and just right for an upcoming weekend of Alaska family fun. It is, of course, FUN FRIDAY, brought to you by our friends at […]

Five Alaska Hotels We Love For Families

When I was but a wee traveler, my parents would pack the Volkswagen Bus with all sorts of gear and putt-putter around the Pacific Northwest in search of destinations to inspire their offspring. Most of those, I realize now, came from the size of the hotel swimming pool, taste of their silver dollar pancakes, or […]

Fun Friday in Alaska: Anchors Aweigh!

Welcome to Friday and another edition of the AKontheGO family travel roundup of activities around the state. Even though we’re not sweltering under desert-like conditions here in Alaska, it’s still a 49th state summer, and we’ve got a full calendar to prove it. My week was a busy one with the arrival of CDR. Brian […]

Alaska’s First Fun Friday of June: Get it While it’s Hot (or Not)

I was hoping with all my heart to be writing today’s Fun Friday post in my shorts and flip flops, wearing sunglasses. Alas, the First of June has arrived in Alaska with clouds and rather chilly temperatures. So chilly, in fact, that last night at my informative and fun Women’s Flyfishing class with the famous Pudge […]