Memorial Day in Alaska: Family experiences to share

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~ Maya Angelou Each spring AKontheGO takes a personal time-out to remember men and women who gave their lives for the United States of America; however, where ever, and whenever we’re able. Memorial Day 2014 takes place on Monday, May 26, […]

Alaska Communications Keeps Families Connected to Fairbanks Fun

(sponsored) AKontheGO’ers know how much I rely upon my smartphone. It’s a tool of the travel trade that simply can’t let me down, especially in Alaska where I’m here, there, and everywhere in the best interest of future family travelers. A few years ago, Alaska Communications and AKontheGO began a partnership that has been a […]

Sirius Sled Dogs Mush Families to Alaska Adventure

The noise started even before we got out of the van. High-pitched squeals, rumbling barks, and nearly 100 paws crunching on icy Alaska snow. It was time to get serious about dogs. Sirius Sled Dogs, that is. One of those Alaska adventure experiences many dream about but few actually initiate, spending several hours or days […]

Fairbanks Children’s Museum: Imagination comes alive through play

It’s hard not to get caught up in squeals of discovery at Fairbanks Children’s Museum. Every second, it seems, is filled with a shout or giggle or exclamation from a young person, and that makes Brenda Riley very, very happy. Riley, executive director of the museum and a lifelong Alaskan, knows the value of dedicated […]

Alaska Railroad and March Mid-Week Special *NEW*

Happy Wednesday. As in mid-week, hump day, all downhill to the weekend from here-day. The perfect day, in fact, to shout about the Alaska Railroad’s announcement of a NEW, middle of the week departure between Anchorage and Fairbanks, scheduled to go ahead in March. It’s special, all right. Typically the Alaska Railroad’s Aurora Winter Train […]

A Taste of Alaska Lodge: Interior Alaska sets the table for families

Fuzzy black ears poked out from behind a snowbank as we drove up to A Taste of Alaska Lodge near Fairbanks, followed by a wiggling, licking welcome from ‘Dawson,’ an adolescent sled dog puppy with a penchant for greeting newcomers. My son, tired from an early-morning flight from Anchorage and a busy afternoon of exploring […]

Alaska Holiday Destinations for Families

No matter if your family hails from over the river and through the woods, across the country or around the world, Alaska is a delightful place to spend the holiday season. The 49th state has everything one would expect from a picture-postcard landscape, right down to the snow, and we’re going to tell you how […]

Alaska Toolkit for Safety: The parents’ guide when lights go out

I woke up this morning to the sound of tree branches and ice whipping against the windows of my hotel room. Ensconsed in a marketing retreat for the Alaska Travel Industry Association, I have been in Fairbanks since Wednesday morning, watching and waiting as mother nature went a little bezerk. Fairbanks was nearly paralyzed for […]

Alaska Airlines Q400 Update: I flew the Bombardier

While my trip to the Big Sky State last week was not under the most joyful of circumstances, I did have the opportunity to fly aboard an Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Bombardier Q400, the very same type of aircraft scheduled for arrival on the Anchorage-Fairbanks run starting March, 2014. And that made me happy, dear AKontheGO’ers, […]

Alaska’s Summer Solstice: Family fun under the Midnight Sun

To Alaskans, sunlight is about as valuable as gold, and sometimes, just as hard to find. If you’re currently in the state, you’ve undoubtedly noticed an abundance of sunny skies and the resulting activities they encourage. Alaska residents go crazy for the sun, worship it even, bathing pale bodies in a wash of golden light, […]