Celebrating Sea Otters in Alaska

In 1989, the framework of coastal Alaska was changed forever when an oil tanker crashed into Bligh Reef just miles from the small town of Valdez, Alaska. Pristine shoreline became a gooky, oily mess after the innards of the Exxon Valdez poured out to lie atop the saltwater of Prince William Sound. Life was never […]

Dawn Dish Soap & a Day in the Wildlife: Making a difference

Alaskans will not soon forget the image; thousands of sea birds and marine creatures floundering in mucky, sticky, foul-smelling oil drizzled and dumped in pristine Prince William Sound after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Some were saved, but many, many were not. I didn’t really care, then, that a dish soap played a part. […]

Exxon Valdez: Visiting Prince William Sound 25 years later

The sheen of oil is gone, flushed away by winter storms and the perpetual shifting of saltwater. Otters still float atop the waves, clinging to each other and kelp beds, staring at passersby with wide eyes and furry faces. Sea lions, whales, sea birds of all species – they’re all around, too, and yet whenever […]