Earth Day in Alaska: Try these activities around the state, or at home

An ode to Earth Day, with love from Alaska. On this day in 1970, a collective of humans around the nation gathered in their respective regions to give voice to the modern environmental movement. I was two.  During this niche of history, people were using vast quantities of fossil fuels, particularly leaded gas for their […]

Hoppilicious Fun Friday-Earth Day

This is the first Easter weekend since AK Fam moved to Alaska that we won’t have to hunt for eggs wearing snow boots (at least not here in the lowlands). Perhaps spring has indeed arrived in the 49th state? Judging by the amount of activities, I’d say so. AKontheGO is also humbled to talk about […]

Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity.  […]