Earth Day in Alaska: Try these activities around the state, or at home

An ode to Earth Day, with love from Alaska. On this day in 1970, a collective of humans around the nation gathered in their respective regions to give voice to the modern environmental movement. I was two.  During this niche of history, people were using vast quantities of fossil fuels, particularly leaded gas for their […]

Kids in Nature: Campbell Creek Estuary provides peaceful time outdoors

[This article appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News on Friday, September 25, 2015.] Expecting my 10-year-old son to remain still longer than a millisecond often feels like an exercise in futility. This wiry, five-foot-one whirling dervish is always up for an adventure, literally; on rocks, on tree branches, on my nerves. It’s easy for us […]

Hiking Campbell Creek Estuary: Anchorage’s newest outdoor space for families

We don’t always need miles and miles of trail to take advantage of outdoor time as a family. Anchorage’s Campbell Creek Estuary, located on a coastline near the southwestern fringe of town, is one of those spaces. This wooded section of property is the newest in a collection of efforts to protect, preserve, and promote […]