Kenai Backcountry Adventures Offers Fall Special

Alaska families — have you picked all the berries yet? It’s late August in the Last Frontier, and that means the annual frenzy to stock the freezer or pantry with residents’ favorite, nature-sent treat: blueberries. But why not take your experience up a notch? How about, instead of taking the kids to the same places […]

Shoulder Season Bear Safety for Families

There is little doubt remaining that Earth has experienced warmer winters than anything previously recorded. With this notable change in temperature comes variable and sometimes confusing behavior patterns of the planet’s creatures, and in Alaska, that means everything from birds to bears could reappear from migration or hibernation earlier than usual, or, not hibernate at […]

The Alaska Zoo is Hosting a Polar Bear Party!

Ahpun and Lyutyik, perhaps the two most famous residents of the Alaska Zoo, are having a birthday party this Saturday. Cake? They’ll have cake, albeit an icy one. The birthday song? Check. Party hats? Sure. An annual event for the polar bears and those who love them, the Alaska Zoo’s polar bear bash is taking […]

Stay Safe and Confident in Alaska’s Bear Country With These Tips

Alaska’s bears are up and about and looking to go about their business, and that means eating, sleeping, and rearing young. With only a few short months to pack on pounds lost during hibernation and raise the kids to a satisfactory level of independence, a bear has a lot on his or her mind. The […]

Alaska’s Bears: What you need to know in April

  With a warmer-than-normal winter, Alaska is experiencing an early arrival of balmy weather. Now that official announcements of “Spring” are passing the lips of weather forecasters, garden experts, and recreational operators, it is time, I think, for AKontheGO’s annual “Bear Aware Blog Post.” For those of you new to AKontheGO, or Alaska, welcome. For […]

Mother’s Day and Doing the Right Thing, Even When It’s Difficult

This essay originally appeared in Alaska Magazine last year. In honor of Mother’s Day, and mothers in general, it is my gift to strong women everywhere (human or otherwise) who sometimes need to do really, really hard things for the sake of their children.   “My Alaska Adventure” (Alaska Magazine, April 2013) I shared breathing […]

Disneynature’s BEARS movie: My “official” review

Good Monday morning, AKontheGO’ers! I’ve returned from a busy weekend in Homer, Alaska, where Disneynature’s BEARS movie took a Hollywood-style center stage. After a select few hundred Homerites and guests were among the privileged to view a special screening of BEARS  on Thursday night, many parents have asked for a review of the film’s appropriateness […]

Bears? Now? Take Care and Take Note: Winter-Bear-Aware In Session!

Shhhhhhhh. The bears of Anchorage are supposed to be sleeping, although it seems they missed the memo, judging from the number of tracks spotted on a daily basis in and around Alaska’s largest city. Heck, I was out hiking the other day in my favorite stretch of the Campbell Tract and came upon a huge […]

It “Bears” Repeating: Mind Your Bruin P’s and Q’s a Bit Longer

It’s November 1 and the greater Anchorage area is still void of much measurable snowfall and/or very cold temperatures (although now that I have dared write this, we are all but guaranteed both). While votes are still out on whether or not we like this environmental conundrum, there are some critters in the ‘hood who […]

Bear Safety for Families: Notes and News

Thanks to all who attended our Bear Safety for Families class last night at Campbell Creek Science Center. It was a great evening just full of useful information about staying safe while recreating with our kids. About 40 people showed up to listen to Bear Instructors Elizabeth Manning of the AK Dept. of Fish and […]