There’s an App for That! Geocaching and Teens

Teenagers are a big part of the AKontheGO family, which is why we’ve asked Sydney Jane Armstrong to comment on some of the ways she and her friends spend time in the great outdoors. Sydney will chime in every once in a while to keep us plugged in to the latest and greatest in teen adventure. […]

It “Bears” Repeating: Mind Your Bruin P’s and Q’s a Bit Longer

It’s November 1 and the greater Anchorage area is still void of much measurable snowfall and/or very cold temperatures (although now that I have dared write this, we are all but guaranteed both). While votes are still out on whether or not we like this environmental conundrum, there are some critters in the ‘hood who […]

Get Your Fix of Sled Dogs, Right in Town

Kids like sled dogs. Ever since the movie “Balto” was released some 14 years ago, kids have clamored to be up close and personal with canines deemed to be, as the movie proclaims (rightfully), heroes. Plus, they’re dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs who howl and jump and generally act as if the most important job […]

Bear and Raven Theater is Just Right For the Cubs

Okay, so I haven’t spent much time doing the downtown Anchorage tourist thing, I’ll admit it. Put to the challenge byAK Kid and the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, who must have gotten together behind my back, we spent a day in between Ship Creek and 4th Avenue, hanging with visitors to the 49th state and discovering, pretty […]

Fun Happenings at Native Heritage Center on Monday

A hot tip for parents looking for something to do on Monday, August 2. The wonderful Alaska Native Heritage Center  is hosting any and all children at Kids’ Day, all day. Any kiddo age 18 or younger gets in FREE at the Center, located at the north end of Muldoon Road, near Bartlett High School. […]

“Biodiversity in the Back Yard” Garden Fair 2010 is Here!

Alaskans love their gardens. Why? Because we only have perhaps eight weeks total of good gardening weather, and we like to blast our colors and textures as far and fast as we can before the termination dust appears on the mountains. I almost weep just thinking about it. This weekend is Gardener Mecca with the […]

Cruise Ship Monday is Here!

Yes, Holland America has brought another ship to the Port of Anchorage, so that means double downtown fun for families. Today is “Cruise Ship Monday” according to the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, and here we go with another fab outdoor concert at Peratrovich Park from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Today’s featured artist is Robin Hopper, an Alaskan […]

Travel Tuesday: Get Out and Have Fun!

June 1; it’s official now, we’re in full swing of summer, and there are so many things to do, see, and hear. Visiting? Local? No matter, there’s enough stuff to keep even the most active kids busy. The Alaska Museum of Natural History in Mountainview is hosting Tinker Time today and tomorrow from 10 a.m.-Noon […]

Welcome to an Anchorage Monday

Let’s just start right off with a big AK Fam welcome to passengers and crew of the Holland America line’s MS Amsterdam. The ship arrives today as part of a new 14-day itinerary from Seattle. Passengers will have an entire day to devote to Anchorage and environs, sailing out of Cook Inlet around 11 p.m. […]

Fun Friday, School’s Out!

Oh my goodness, another school year has come and gone, and hopefully our kids are all the wiser for it. This is the time of year when  my mom would gather the three of us together and have a little chat about the rules of the road for summer vacation. Usually it went something like […]

In Alaska, Time Slips, Slips Away

Someone told me the other day “Everything you’ve posted on your Website is a must-see. How the heck could we possibly do that during one trip to Alaska?” Very good point, intrepid AKontheGO-reader, and one I will attempt to answer. Forty years ago (well, okay, maybe even after that) the family vacation was a standard two-weeks. Employers […]