National Geographic Live! Plan to attend the Anchorage Speaker Series in 2014-15

As a thoughtful, often-pensive kid, perhaps it was not odd to find me at evening presentations or concerts with my parents. I liked to find the meaningful in the ordinary, and there was something exciting about staying up late, listening to someone introduce me to a new idea or experience. Naturally, then, I jumped at […]

Anchorage Museum Builds Family Fun, Brick by Brick

My friend’s mom kept them on a sheet spread out on her living room floor, and just wrapped it all up at the end of a day. Another friend’s dad built him a wooden box painted bright blue, for his. LEGOs. The construction material of my childhood, and more than likely yours, and certainly that […]

A Day in Anchorage: Family-friendly activities in Alaska’s largest city

The majority of Alaska visitors fly in or out of Anchorage at some point during their trip. Whether arriving to begin an Alaska adventure, or flying out to end one, Anchorage proves the perfect bookend to a 49th state vacation. Serving as the center for much of Alaska’s commerce, government, and access to transportation, Anchorage […]

Help Kids Understand the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964

    Of all the valuable lessons I’ve learned since moving to Alaska, respecting the power of nature and the planet upon which we reside takes top honors. Even though I grew up in the Seattle area, a seismological hotspot within the famous “Ring of Fire,” there are few temblors to compare with the Great […]

Anchorage Museum and a Plastic Ocean

Trash large and small makes up the Anchorage Museum’s newest exhibit, but not just any sort of trash. “Gyre: The Plastic Ocean” opens tonight as a global storyboard of oceanic debris, with a lesson attached. In the summer of 2013, an international expedition launched to explore the swirling vortex of plastic junk around the northern pacific […]

Alaska’s Statehood: We’re In! Learning more about what made us 49th

Happy birthday, Alaska! On January 3, 1959, the Last Frontier became the 49th state, and oh, what a party it was.  Visitors to Alaska should never miss an opportunity to learn more about what made us #49, how, and why. It took hard work and passionate teamwork to bring Alaska to statehood, and we’re fortunate […]

Anchorage Museum Presents “The Dena’ina Way of Living”

“See this, right here; this is back home.” The most powerful statement of the day came within seconds of entering the Anchorage Museum’s newest exhibition, and it didn’t come from a curator, program director, or the facility’s community relations staff. Instead, it came from a mother, speaking to her fifth-grader, sharing on a map the location […]

Teens Explore Alaska’s Aviation History at Anchorage Museum

AKontheGO intern Isabella recently visited the Anchorage Museum’s hottest exhibit, Arctic Flight: A Century of Alaska Aviation. Below are her impressions and recommendations for other teen travelers.  Aviation is an integral part of Alaska’s culture, dramatically affecting the state over the past century. From humble beginnings in 1913— the first flight in Fairbanks was a […]

Alaska Boredom-Busters: Family Fun Stuff

We’re in the homestretch, parents, congratulate yourself on a vacation well-spent. Even though Alaska’s weather didn’t exactly cooperate, our family found many ways to enjoy two weeks of blissful togetherness. Well, mostly blissful. How about you? Need a little push to motivate the kids toward fun and frivolity before heading back to school? Try these […]

*EXTRA* Body Worlds Vital at Anchorage Museum – For Parents

Today the Anchorage Museum opened their newest exhibit to members of the media. Body Worlds Vital will be on display September 28, 2012 through January 6, 2013, with the hope of educating, inspiring, and connecting people to the greatest machine in the world – themselves. As promised, below are my impressions from an hour of […]

Body Worlds Vital Debuts at Anchorage Museum September 28: What Parents Should Know

Bodies; we all have ‘em, live in them, and treat them with varying levels of respect. Temples or trials, being human means residing within a framework of bone and sinew, the likes of which we can only begin to understand. Behold Body Worlds Vital, the newest exhibit at the Anchorage Museum, due to be unveiled September […]