Girdwood Makes Family Fun Easy

The sun sinks behind craggy mountains of southcentral Alaska around 4 p.m. these days, leaving a legion of locals more determined than ever to get outdoors among fresh air, frosty fog, and gorgeous vistas, our family included. As winter’s reach creeps closer and closer, many Anchorage residents are finding accessible family respite in the small […]

Fun Friday From the Field

I’m still down here in Salt Lake City, where temperatures hovered near 6 above the past few mornings. Yes, colder than Alaska. Go figure. But, I am paying close attention to all things 49th State and have a wild and wintery lineup of fun for those in the southcentral area. It’s all outside, friends,with guaranteed […]

Alyeska Resort Adds New Tread to Old Favorites

Ski season is over and there is no good reason to go to Alyeska anymore, right? Oh no, no, no, my AKontheGOers, there’s still plenty of mountain fun at the Girdwood resort’s miles and miles of open terrain, and most of it is perfect for the fam. While attending a trade show a month or […]

Great Alaskan TourSaver: THE Best Gift for Alaskan Travel

It’s December; snow is falling outside and temperatures are in the high teens, and it will be dark soon (or it still is, depending upon the point of view). But I’m warm and toasty in my little Anchorage split-level, soothing my chilly soul with a quick read of The Great Alaskan TourSaver coupon book, given […]