In Alaska, Time Slips, Slips Away

Someone told me the other day “Everything you’ve posted on your Website is a must-see. How the heck could we possibly do that during one trip to Alaska?” Very good point, intrepid AKontheGO-reader, and one I will attempt to answer. Forty years ago (well, okay, maybe even after that) the family vacation was a standard two-weeks. Employers […]

Alaska TravelGram and AKontheGO Meet at KUDO Today

It’s time again for AKontheGO to be hanging out with Scott McMurren of Alaska TravelGram on AM 1080 KUDO this afternoon at 2 p.m. This week Scott and Mindy have entrusted me with the studio Captain’s Chair, all by my lonesome, since both are away at their respective Northern and Southern destinations. We’ll be talking […]

Princess Lodges Offers Great Deals, and Soon!

Just found out about some super deals through Princess Lodges over Memorial weekend. It’s coming up, isn’t it? Princess already offers 2 for1 deals through our bud Scott McMurren’s Great Alaskan TourSaver coupon book, but they also provide Alaskans with specials to make for a sweet visit. So, what’s coming up? How about $99/night, dbl […]