Monday Morning Germs (I Mean, News)

My hair is not combed, I’m on my fifth cup of coffee, and the fuzzy slippers AK Grandma gave me for Christmas have cough syrup splashed all over their pleather insteps. If you haven’t woken up and figured out by now AK Kid is yes, indeed sick again, let me be the first to <sarcastically> […]

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home? Winter Road Trips in Alaska

Hundreds of thousands of people road trip around Alaska during the summer months. RVs and buses mingle with bedraggled Subarus and monster trucks and mini-vans on one of Alaska’s three main highways; some have a particular destination in mind, others, not so much. Alaskan residents curse and coddle at the same time, knowing that visitors […]

“Countdown to Christmas” Continues…and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Monday! I am glad to say I am feeling fairly humanoid this morning after a week battling an influenza-type bug that put this AK Mom down. Whew, just in time for things to warm up, I’m back. A good thing, too, because AKontheGO is in the second week of our Countdown to Christmas fun, […]

Let It Snow! Fun Friday Activities for a Winter Wonderland

I spent the early morning hours running the dryer in the hopes AK Kid’s snowsuit would be a little less damp for the ride to school. Whew, that was some kind of snowstorm, but just right for snowman-making, snowball-throwing goodness in the sparkling Alaskan evening, and we’ve got more of that ahead for a weekend […]

It “Bears” Repeating: Mind Your Bruin P’s and Q’s a Bit Longer

It’s November 1 and the greater Anchorage area is still void of much measurable snowfall and/or very cold temperatures (although now that I have dared write this, we are all but guaranteed both). While votes are still out on whether or not we like this environmental conundrum, there are some critters in the ‘hood who […]

“Biodiversity in the Back Yard” Garden Fair 2010 is Here!

Alaskans love their gardens. Why? Because we only have perhaps eight weeks total of good gardening weather, and we like to blast our colors and textures as far and fast as we can before the termination dust appears on the mountains. I almost weep just thinking about it. This weekend is Gardener Mecca with the […]

Mahay’s Jet Boats Blast Upriver for a Look Inside Alaska

It’s an opportunity to see Alaska from her heart. Rivers and waterways are vital to the people of the 49th state; for food, transportation, and industry. Without them we are paralyzed. Wintertime provides access to areas remote, summer provides a subsistence bounty unmatched anywhere else. Back in the 1800’s, rivers in interior Alaska and the […]

Bear Safety for Families: Notes and News

Thanks to all who attended our Bear Safety for Families class last night at Campbell Creek Science Center. It was a great evening just full of useful information about staying safe while recreating with our kids. About 40 people showed up to listen to Bear Instructors Elizabeth Manning of the AK Dept. of Fish and […]

Kids Cruise Free with a Puffin Pass Deal!

There’s still time to discover a little Alaskan wildness via the Prince William Sound Wilderness Explorer Cruises from Whittier. The best part? Kids cruise FREE through June 30, 2010 if you book by May 31, 2010. This is a $70 savings, folks. Lunch and a guided narration is included for the six-hour trip, from 11 […]

Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity.  […]